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We Want To Hear From You!

So...Do you have a story of your own? Do you remember a family member telling you a great story or ghost story about Sallie Baker? Maybe you visited the gravesite or have a strange tale to tell. Please let us know so everyone can enjoy your story. Please post a "Comment" below this post or email us directly at artforbrains(at)gmail(dot)com. In the next post you can read the story written by our great historian, John Agan. Enjoy and be sure to come to Moon Over Minden on October 29th & 30. More details are below on previous posts.

The Real Sallie Baker Story by John Agan

During this month when our thoughts turn to ghost stories and the like, it is fun to examine what is probably the best-known ghost story in Webster Parish, the Legend of Sallie Baker’s grave. One uniting factor for teenagers from the Bienville Parish line all the way to the Arkansas border is the tales of the odd happenings at Sallie Baker’s grave near Cotton Valley. The stories of midnight visits to the site have been passed among the youth of our parish for several decades. Many different versions of who Sallie was are commonly told. Most involve her killing multiple husbands, attacking unsuspecting trespassers and in general terrorizing all who came near. However, on at least two occasions, by Diane Sentell in 1975, and by Karla Sumrall in 2000, the real story of Sallie has been examined in the pages of the Minden Press-Herald. In the spirit of Halloween and to help clear up Sallie’s memory, here is a brief summary of her life, as recounted by those two journalists.

Sally Caruthers was born in 1869, the daughter of George Caruthers, a respected farmer of Northern Webster Parish. In 1896, Sallie, at age 27 had married John Baker; a relief to her parents who feared was destined to become an “old maid.” John was in his early 30s and the couple moved to their own home, near the “bottoms” around Bayou Bodcau. Although the couple had no children, they had a happy life and eventually built a two–story cypress home. This peaceful life came to an end on July 26, 1925, when John fell dead on the front porch from a heart attack. The roots of the Sallie legend began with the circumstances of his death. The couple was alone at home when John was stricken. He had the attack while standing on the porch and collapsed against the porch rail. The rail gave way and John fell to the ground. Sallie ran to the nearest neighbors, two miles away to try and get help. When the body was found, its location gave rise to the rumor that Sallie had pushed her husband from the porch. That rumor was fueled by some
owners of adjoining property who had been engaged in a land dispute with the Bakers. Soon the usual small town rumor mill began cranking out the stories that would eventually give rise to the legend.

Sallie was now alone as a widow in her mid 50s, living in an isolated area, with no family nearby to help her get by. Her reaction to that situation created some of the behaviors that eventually added to and enhanced the legends arising about Sallie. Always capable with a gun, Sallie now took up her husband’s weapons to hunt for squirrels in the area around her home. Since few people came to her home, the few times she was seen were while roaming on these hunting expeditions. Thus the story arose that you “always see her with a gun”, increasing the image of a
mean lady. The gun usage took on another dimension, which was also related to the isolation of the Baker home. There were several people living the area of the Baker home that wanted Sallie’s property in addition to the usual prowlers who might attempt to sneak in and steal from a widow living alone. Sallie came to learn that anyone nearing her property could likely have sinister motivations, so she kept a gun handy. Visitors were always greeted by a gun-toting woman, and
many who did not have the best intentions, along with teenagers and older children bound for mischief, found that Sallie was more than willing to fire her weapon. But, despite the rumors, there is no record of anyone ever being shot while trespassing on the Baker land and no proof that Sallie did anything more than fire warning shots in defense of her home.

Sallie’s physical appearance added impetus to the wild tales of her escapades. In 1934, she purchased a Ford Coupe and began making weekly trips into Cotton Valley to buy her groceries and supplies. She always came in “full dress”, wearing an ankle-length dress of 1890s style, buttoned boots, gloves and a dress hat. The small sprightly-stepped lady drew attention from all passers-by, and in small town Webster Parish of the 1930s, she was always the topic of conversation on Saturdays when all the country folk were in town. As it could be expected, when
someone is the focus of conversation, the wild stories multiply. Sallie was becoming the focus of legend while she was still living.

As many different people and groups attempted to gain title to Sallie’s land, by both legal and illegal means, she became more and more wary of strangers and thus sparked even more anger and rumors among her neighbors. After fighting valiantly to keep her home for over a quarter of a century, Sallie finally found a foe she could not hold off. In 1951, as part of the Bodcau Flood Control Project, the Federal Government took her house and land along with that of many of her neighbors. Always the fighter, Sallie took the government to court and won a larger payment for her property than the amount received by other property owners.

With her beloved home gone, Sallie moved into Cotton Valley and lived out her life. She died on July 13, 1952, and was buried on a hill near her old home, and soon after her death the legends began to grow. It was in this period that the tales of poisoned husbands and pouring hot lead into the victim’s ears emerged. Other facts added to the mystique of the tale. It was true that Bonnie and Clyde had been guests at the Baker farm, and Sallie even claimed that they spent the night
before their death at her place. It was also a well-known fact that Sallie had kept money in sacks and hid them in the walls of her home and also buried them on her property. The claim that she had been buried with some of those sacks probably drew the first attention to the gravesite. Soon the stories of the strange little lady who had so steadfastly defended her land led to the tale that even though she was dead, she was still at the property keeping away the uninvited. Over the years the site became a favorite spot for teenage boys trying to “spook” their dates and the legend grew. By the 1970s and 1980s local media picked up the tale. They took the rumors and spiced them up a little bit and used a bit of selective journalism, on occasion taking stories told in jest as serious accounts. These factors helped contribute to the image of Sallie Baker we still have today. As a lifelong resident of Webster Parish I am sorry to confess that I have never been to Sallie Baker’s grave, but after learning the truth, I don’t think I’m afraid to go. Well, on second thought, maybe better safe than sorry is a good motto. Now that you know a little more about Sallie Baker, the real person, you can decide if you want to risk the wrath of Sallie Baker’s ghost this Halloween season.

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Updated Details on Moon Over Minden 2010!

Friday & Saturday, October 29th & 30th. 7pm - 11pm at The Farm in Minden (417 E. Union).
Admission is $8 per person.

Updated Details on the Zombie Prom & Dead Rock Star Concert!

Saturday, November 6, 2010. 8pm -12midnight at The Farm in Minden (417 E. Union).
Admission is $20 for a couple or $12 for singles. Professional portraits will be available for purchase.

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Quilt for Oprah Winfrey made in Minden documented

The Quilting Queens were formed in 2006 following the closure of the NWLA Hurricane Relief Center housed in the old Walmart building on Homer Road in Minden.

Taking the unwanted clothes from the Center, the Quilting Queens created quilts with special messages. While many of the quilts were sold with proceeds going to the Hurricane Katrina and Rita relief efforts they were also documented by Dr. Susan Roach and can be seen on line.
The quilt created especially for Oprah and presented as a thank you gift for her contributions to the Hurricane Katrina efforts is also documented on line. To learn more about quilting or the Quilting Queens, check out this new blog HERE. Photographs of the Quilting Queens' quilts along the touching stories that inspired their creations can be seen here. We would like to publically thank Dr. Susan Roach for her dedication to preserving and documenting folklife in Louisiana.

The Quilting Queens and children attending the 2006 Spring Arts Festival helped to stitch the quilt by hand for one of the many celebrities that came to the rescue following hurricane Katrina. More than 400 volunteers carefully and lovingly stitched the quilt for Oprah Winfrey.

Halloween Casting Call!!!!

6:00pm- 7:00pm at The Children’s Center 806 Broadway Street in Minden We’re looking for volunteers for our upcoming Halloween Festival at the Farm Friday and Saturday, Oct. 29 & 30. Characters include: Zombies, hobos, freaks and cast for the haunted house. You must be 13 years of age or older.
For details, contact LESLIE COYLE
318-422-9663 or

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moon Over Minden Is Coming!

Check back here for more details in the future, but definitely mark your calendar for this great event for the whole family to enjoy! Don't miss it on October 29th & 30th at The Farm at 417 E. Union, right next to Save-A-Lot.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pearl Fest 2010 Pics!

For those of you who unfortunately missed the 2010 Pearl Fest event, we now have pictures taken throughout the day of the event compliments of Dana Burrows Denny. Cultural Crossroads Pearl Fest Pics 2010.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Come By The Farmer's Market Every Saturday!

Come by every Saturday from 8am-12noon at 417 E. Union St. in Minden (corner of E. Union and Talton St. next to Save-A-Lot grocery store).

Back Porch Summer Series Recap!

The Backporch Summer Music Series included a debut from Shreveport's new sensation, Matthew Davidson. The twelve year old musician played to an enthusiastic crowd Saturday night. The mixed demographics of young and young at heart appreciated Matthew's exceptional talent on the guitar. Matthew's love of popular Beatles' tunes were shared with the audience as many people sang along. John Lennon would have loved it! And John Lennon would have loved Matthew Davidson.

"We enjoyed our evening at The Farm last Saturday. Thanks so much for everything. I've posted a picture of Matthew playing at The Farm on his website and Facebook already, and added it to his bio information. Hope this will help call attention to what a neat place you have! Minden was good to Matthew last week!" - Ella Davidson!/gomatthew

The next backporch musician is expected to perform Saturday, July 31st. Cultured Pearl recipient Ben Jenkins will grace the backporch at the Farm with some of his original music. The newly signed artist will release his new CD. It promises to be a great night. Admission is $5 and we welcome everyone at the Farm.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

12 year old guitarist to perform on backporch of the Farm this weekend!

Cultural Crossroads will host their second in a series of musical experiences at the Farm this Saturday in Minden. The Backporch Summer Music Series will feature the talents of 12 year old guitarist and vocalist, Matthew Davidson of Shreveport. The Farm, located at 417 East Union in Minden will open it's gates at 6:30pm with the show to begin at 7pm. Admission is $5. Patrons are invited to bring their ice chests and food. While chairs are provided, lawn chairs are also welcomed. "We are so excited to be able to bring Matthew to Minden,"states Leslie Coyle, chairman. "He'll play two sets from 7pm to 9pm." Matthew got his first toy guitar at the age of 3, and he hasn't stopped playing since! He started taking weekly lessons on an acoustic guitar in the second grade and won his first electric guitar in the 2007 James Burton Guitar Showdown. He was one of eight student guitarists selected to play with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Buddy Flett at their 2009 Artbreak Concert. Matthew placed in the Top 10 in KTAL's "Ark-La-Tex's Got Talent" contest, and he won their online voting contest. He won the Middle School Division of the 2010 Artbreak Talent Show and has been invited to perform at the 2010 Red River Revel.

Matthew's musical taste was largely acquired from listening to his dad's CD collection of music by The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doobie Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, and Chuck Berry.

Matthew's 3-piece band made their debut on June 25 at the Madison Park El Chico in Shreveport, LA. Matthew has recently played public performances with Robin & the Bluebirds at Mudbug Madness, the T-Bone Walker Blues Fest, the Sportspectrum 5K Firecracker Run, and area restaurants. He has also played at Artbreak, The Naked Bean, the Farmer's Market, Artspace, Christian Services Hospitality House, 516 Texas Street, Captain Shreve High School, Caddo Middle Magnet, South Highlands Elementary School, and at Ellerbe Road Baptist Church, where he plays weekly in the youth band.

Matthew's previous guitar instructors were Russell Newman and Brian Flanagan. His current teachers are Jerry Beach and Brad Kozak. He is currently enrolled in the Caddo Parish Talented Arts Program for Music.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A look back at Pearl Fest...

A great time was had by many at the first annual Pearl Fest at The Farm in Minden on June 19th. Here are just a few pictures of the wonderful event. Photos by Dana Burrows Denny.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Back Porch Summer Music Series Is Here!

Join us at The Farm on Saturday, July 3rd from 9pm - 11:30pm and enjoy some great music. "Red, White & Bluegills" is the name and live music by The Bluegills following a special performance by Ben Shirley is the game! Our next outdoor concerts are scheduled for July 17th & 31st. Check here for upcoming details. See you tomorrow night! 417 E. Union in Minden. $5 per person.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some of the fine musicians to perform at Pearl Fest....

Ben Jenkins, one of Cultural Crossroads Cultured Pearl recipients is also one of the featured musicians at this year’s first annual Pearl Fest. Ben will take the stage this Saturday, June 19
th at 10:50pm prior to the Bluegills. This accomplished musicians hails from Shongaloo and has generated quite a following for his original music. Ben will also be serving as emcee along with Josh Shirley for the afternoon schedule. Nearly two hundred singers, songwriters and musicians will converge on the Farm this weekend while raising money for scholarships. Admission is $10. For details visit



Young musicians and songwriters will dominate the stage during Cultural Crossroads first annual Pearl Fest. The outdoor music festival to be held on the picturesque grounds of the four acre ‘Farm” will include one of the largest gatherings of musicians in recent history. Nearly two hundred singers, songwriters and musicians will be performing while also raising scholarship money for the organization’s Cultured Pearl program.

Aubrie Stahl and Brandon Ratcliff are among the young singer/songwriters to take stage this Saturday. Aubrie is a student at Webster Junior High while Brandon Ratcliff attends Glenbrook. Both young musicians and potential future Cultured Pearl recipients will bring to the stage their original songs. Aubrie will perform at 2pm followed by Brandon at 2:25pm. Also included in the line up of young musicians will be this year’s Cultured Pearl recipient, Caleb Ayers. Caleb will be joined by Braydon Cheatham, Devin Thomas and Coty Haynes as the “Loo Boys. They will take the stage at 6:55pm. A detailed schedule of performances can be seen on the web at

This celebration of community, talent and art will also be done in honor of one of our own,” state Elaine Eaton, chairman. We will also be doing this for Beth Watts Bridges.” Special $5 wrist bands embossed with the words “For Beth” are on sale now along with the $10 multicolored wrists bands that will serve as admission to the 1pm-midnight performances slated for this Saturday. Wrist bands can be purchased ahead of time at Blue Moon Java or on the day of Pearl Fest at the Farm. “The yellow $5 wrist bands are for those individuals who are unable to attend Saturday’s event but would like to support our Cultured Pearl program, “ explains Ms. Eaton. “Although anyone is welcomed to purchase and wear one in Beth’s honor this week.”

Pearl Fest will be held on the four acre estate commonly referred to as simply ‘The Farm.’ Located on the corner of East Union and Talton Street, Details about the Pearl Fest, the Farm and Cultural Crossroads can be seen on their website at Anyone needing more information can contact Elaine Eaton at 318- 208-0006 or or Leslie Coyle at 318 422-9663 or or Julie Vogel at 318 286 9476 or


One of the hottest young groups around will end the day long outdoor musical festival, Pearl Fest. All from Minden, these young musicians blend together the sounds of reggae and progressive surf rock to make up their unique style of music. The Bluegills are set to perform at 11:15pm on Saturday, June 19th at Pearl Fest at the Farm. Admission is $10. Wrist bands are on sale now at Blue Moon Java or the day of the concert at the Farm located at 417 East Union. For more detailed information and a full schedule of performances visit www.artsinminden. com. A free concert will be held from 9am until 12N and the gates will reopen at 1pm for the paid portion of Pearl Fest. (Left to right Ethan Anderson, Tyler Michaud, Seth Deloach and Quincy Hicks. )


Kings Servants of Minden will kick off the first annual Pearl Fest this Saturday morning, June 19th at the Farm. Band members Tim Greer, Jeff McCormic, Dwayne Cahpman, Debbie and Joe Sumrall, Phil Guin, Robert Jackson, Chris McGarrety and Gary Floyd will bring their southern gospel style of music to Cultural Crossroads’ first annual Pearl Fest. Kings Servants 9am performance during the morning free concert kicks off the all day outdoor musical event. Kings Servants was first established in 1999 with four men from Eastside Missionary Baptist Church. They have now grown to nine. “We all play a part in the ministry we have to make a joyful noise for the Lord and to give Him all honor and glory,” states Gary Floyd.

Pearl Fest free morning concert to run from 9am until 12N will also be in conjunction with Cultural Crossroads’ Farmers Market held every Saturday at the Farm. Other performances for Saturday morning include the New Light Baptist Church adult and children’s choirs, Daniele Evans, ArtBreak’s overall talent winner, The Mayfield Baptist Church choir and the First Pentecostal choir. Ending the free concert at 11:25pm will be the ever-popular all- girls gospel band, the “Glory Gals.”

Chasing Canaan, another gospel fusion band from the Shreveport area will perform Saturday evening at 10:05pm. Missy Wise, Britney Winn, Kaci Kimball, Carrie Mercer, Sarah Duet, Michael Rafferty, Mike Krusleski and Jamie Halpen make up the groups that met and began worshipping together while in college at Centenary. They began as a fundraising group for a trip to Africa and they have been jamming every since. They are currently in their third year of performing.

Aside from providing a venue for one of the largest showings of musicians in recent history, Pearl Fest will also raise money for arts education according to organizers. This music festival will celebrate past and present Cultured Pearls as well as raise scholarship funds for future recipients. Cultural Crossroads, the sponsoring organization awards the Cultured Pearl scholarship to deserving high school seniors in Webster each year. This celebration of community, talent and art will also be done in honor of one of our own,” state Elaine Eaton, chairman. We will also be doing this for Beth Watts Bridges.” Special $5 wrist bands embossed with the words “For Beth” are on sale now along with the $10 multicolored wrists bands that will serve as admission to the 1pm-midnight performances slated for this Saturday. Wrist bands can be purchased ahead of time at Blue Moon Java or on the day of Pearl Fest at the Farm.

Pearl Fest will be held on the four acre estate commonly referred to as simply ‘The Farm.’ Located on the corner of East Union and Talton Street, Details about the Pearl Fest, the Farm and Cultural Crossroads can be seen on their website at Anyone needing more information can contact Elaine Eaton at 318- 208-0006 or or Leslie Coyle at 318 422-9663 or or Julie Vogel at 318 286 9476 or

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pearl Fest Music Schedule!

June 19th at The Farm in Minden (417 E. Union) We'll see you there!

(Music from 9:00am to 12:00 noon will be on the main stage in the pavilion)

9:00am-9:40am Kings Servant’s
9:50am-10:30am New Light Baptist: Adult and Children’s Choirs
10:35am-10:55am Daniele’ Evans
11:00am-11:15am Mayflower Baptist Church Choir Bertha
11:20am-11:40am First United Pentecostal Church Choir
11:45am-12:00pm Lacy Cavalier


Gate closes at 12 noon and reopens at 12:45pm $10 admission charged after 12 noon.

(Music from 1:00pm to 12:00 midnight will be on the main stage in the pavilion and on the house porch)

Main 1:00pm-2:00pm Dorcheat Bottom Band (Blues and Classic Rock)
Porch 2:00pm-2:20pm Aubrie Stahl (Singer/Songwriter)
Porch 2:25pm-2:45pm Brandon Ratcliff (Singer/Songwriter)
Porch 2:50pm-3:10pm Erick Coleman (Jazz Trio)
Main 3:15pm-4:00pm Grant Terry (Pop/Rock)
Porch 4:05pm-4:15pm Jennifer and Joshua (Guitar and Vocals)
Porch 4:20pm-4:40pm Jason Quarles (Singer/Songwriter)
Porch 4:45pm-5:05pm Ben Shirley (Singer/Songwriter)
Main 5:10pm-6:00pm Hard Times (Blues and Southern Rock)
Porch 6:05pm-6:25pm Kaerington Wilson Live (Gospel and Rhythm and Blues)
Porch 6:30pm-6:50pm DeWayne Shyne (Keyboard and Vocalist)
Main 6:55pm-7:10pm The Loo Boys (Country and Gospel)
Porch 7:15pm-7:30pm Young Musicians (Vocalist and Violinist)
Porch 7:35pm-8:00pm John DeChiaro (Classical Guitarist)
Main 8:00pm-8:30pm Cultured Pearls and Memorial
Main 8:35pm-9:30pm The Howlies with Special Guest Keenan Clinton (Blues)
Porch 9:35pm-10:00pm Gold Zombie (Electronic Rock and Roll)
Main 10:05-10:45pm Chasing Canaan (Christian)
Porch 10:50pm-11:10pm Ben Jenkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Main 11:15pm-12m The Blue Gills (Alternative Rock)

Times may vary slightly from schedule.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Save the Date!! June 19th at the Farm!!

Musical talent from across the region have been invited to the first annual Pearl Fest on Saturday, June 19th at the Moess Center for the Arts & City Farm in Minden. Pearl Fest is an outdoor celebration of musical talent from Louisiana. Aside from providing a venue for one of the largest showings of musicians in recent history, it will also raise money for arts education according to organizers. This music festival will celebrate past and present Cultured Pearls as well as raise scholarship funds for future recipients. Cultural Crossroads, the sponsoring organization awards the Cultured Pearl scholarship to deserving high school seniors in Webster each year. The Cultured Pearl award was established in 1995 to honor the late State Representative Everett G. Doerge. Dr. Doerge supported the arts and supported the efforts of Cultural Crossroads. The scholarship that bears his name has been awarded every year to a senior in Webster Parish seeking to pursue a higher education in the arts for the past fifteen years.

“This music festival will feature a variety of musical talent from classically trained musicians to original songwriters,” states Elaine Eaton, chairman and past recipient of the Cultured Pearl.This celebration of community, talent and art will also be done in honor of one of our own. We will also be doing this for Beth Watts Bridges.“ Beth, a Cultured Pearl recipient who lost her life to cancer was best known locally for her portrayal of Dorothy in the outdoor production of the “Wizard of Oz. This special arrangement of the famed musical gained statewide attention for having involved more than 300 local children. It would come to be the largest outdoor production in Minden’s history. “This will be a sort of reunion for all Cultured Pearls and a time to remember one of our own,” Eaton adds. Admission to the all day event will be $10 per person, however a special free concert is being planned for that morning in conjunction with the organization’s traditional Farmers Market. Details and a schedule of musicians will be announced later in the month.

Musicians performing will be donating their time and will have an opportunity to sell their own merchandise with no commissions collected by the organization. Pearl Fest will be held on the four acre estate commonly referred to as simply ‘The Farm.’ Located on the corner of East Union and Talton Street, The Farm is also host to the annual Spring Arts Festival and Moon Over Minden. Details about the Pearl Fest, the Farm and Cultural Crossroads can be seen on their website at Anyone needing more information can contact Elaine Eaton at 318- 208-0008 or or Leslie Coyle at 318 422-9663 or or Julie Vogel at 318 286 9476 or

Marketing and publicity efforts are being underwritten by an advertising grant from the Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Article in the Minden Press-Herald:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Art Camp Application

You can now fill out and submit the Summer Art Camp application for your child or children. This is a great annual summer activity for kids aged 6 to 16. Dates are June 7-11 from 9:00am - 12 Noon for children aged 11-16. Dates are Or June 21-25 from 9:00am - 12 Noon for children aged 6-10. Enrollment is $100 per child which also includes a FREE camp shirt, art supplies and a mid-morning snack and drink. The Summer Art Camps will be held at The Farm located at the corner of E. Union and Talton St. (417 E. Union) in Minden. The form and other information can be viewed at Keep an eye on this blog for any updates and other information regarding all of Cultural Crossroads activities.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tues. & Thurs. 9am-2pm -- Come Visit!

Come by for a sack lunch, picnic or just a plain visit to see what's been going on at The Farm! Flowers and plants are in bloom and everything is green. This place was built for the community to enjoy. Show your support and stop by on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9am-2pm. And don't forget the Farmer's Market every Saturday morning. You can see more pictures of The Farm property at photo gallery. We even have our new beautiful bathrooms now to make your visit even more enjoyable. We'll see you soon at 417 E. Union (corner of E. Union and Talton St.) in Minden!

Webster Jr. High Ag Students Revisit

Webster Jr. High Ag students came again this week to work on the community garden. They started an organic compost pile using weeds and sticks from the grounds and fresh horse manure from a neighbor of The Farm. Garden walkways were created and more tilling was done. Come out to The Farm Tuesdays and Thursdays any time from 9am - 2pm to see all the progress and the property in bloom!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Webster Jr. High Ag Students Work Their Green Thumbs!

The Webster Jr. Hi. Ag class planted a community garden at the Farm. This outreach program sponsored and funded by Cultural Crossroads will engage junior high students enrolled in Webster's ag class. The students prepared the soil and planted the nearly 100 tomato plants this past week.

2010 Spring Arts Festival Talent Show Winners!

Elementary Division
1st Place--Kenzie Ellington, Harper Elementary
2nd Place--Bonnie Haynie, Central Elementary
3rd Place--Allyson Doyle, Bonnie Haynie and Madison Couch, Central Elementary

Middle/Jr. High School Division
1st Place--Kelly Mc Farland, Doyline
2nd Place--Aubrie Stahl, Webster Jr. High
3rd Place--Collin Jenkins, Shongaloo

High School Division
1st Place--Brandon Ratcliff, Glenbrook
2nd Place--"Women of Praise", Lakeside
2nd Place--Bria Wiese, Sarepta
2nd Place--Derek Rick, Shongaloo
3rd Place--Cody Haynes, Shongaloo

"Overall Most Talented School in the Parish" --Glenbrook
"Overll Most Talented Student in the Parish" --Brandon Ratcliff, Glenbrook
"Most Talented Elementary" --Glenbrook
"Most Talented Middle/Jr High"--Webster Jr. High
"Most Taltented High School" --Minden High

"Most Supportive School" --Glenbrook

2010 Spring Arts Festival Art Winners!

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Eggplants” – Bethany Maskell - Phillips

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Self - Portrait” – Kathleen Monroe - MHS
2nd – “Self – Portrait” – Josh Gosa - MHS
3rd – “Untitled” – Chancy Valentine - MH

*Best in Show: “Self – Portrait” – Kathleen Monroe - MHS

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Scarecrow” – Chelsea Dupont - Glenbrook
2nd – “Scarecrow” – Hollan Chandler - Glenbrook
3rd – “Scarecrow” – Madison McCullough - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Scarecrow” – Shephard Latham - Glenbrook

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Scarecrow” – Joseph Kidd - Glenbrook
2nd – “Scarecrow” – Kelsey Gillam - Glenbrook
3rd – “Blackbirds Everywhere” – Daniel Miller - Glenbrook
Hon. Men. – “Blackbirds on my Head” – Aubrie Dickson - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Bloom Boom” – Abby Reynolds - Central
2nd – “Grandma’s Kitchen” – Merry Faith Ward - Harper
3rd – “Crazy Feet” – Abby Reynolds - Central
Hon. Mention – “Funky Chicken” – Merry Faith Ward - Harper

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Pencil Color Flower” – Ali Johnson – Webster Jr. High
2nd – “Orchids” – Brook Fort – Caddo Middle Magnet
3rd – “Rose” – Kevin Hamilton – Webster Jr. High
Hon. Mention – “Magnolia” – Alexandria Bridges – Springhill Jr. High

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Single Eye” – Addie Moore - MHS
2nd – “Portrait” – Addie Moore - MHS
3rd – “Louisiana Farms” – Chae Burns – Sarepta High School
Hon. Mention – “Hand Study” – Ashunti Wortham – Springhill High Sch.

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “LSU” – Rachel Maskell - MHS

*Best in Show: “Bloom Boom” – Abby Reynolds - Central

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Self – Portrait” – Matthew Estes – Union Elementary
2nd – “African Lady” – Skylar Davis - Glenbrook
3rd – “Matthew” – Alyssah Sites – Union Elementary
Hon. Mention – “Big Mama” – Elise Twyman - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Master Copy after Henri Matisse” – Elizabeth Fuller - Doyline
2nd – “African Lady” – Ashley Khame - Glenbrook
3rd – “African Lady” – Emily Rhame - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Warrior” – Lyle Reagan - Glenbrook

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “My Brother” – Dave Parks - Glenbrook

*Best in Show: “Self – Portrait” – Matthew Estes – Union Elementary

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Untitled” – Chris Batton - Stewart
2nd – “ Fruit Tree” – Kendall Squyres - Central
3rd – “Untitled” – Alyssa Vela – Webster PreSchool
Hon. Mention – “Untitled” – Janiya Bailey - Harper

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “A House in the Woods” – Raquel Baer – Brown Upper Elementary
2nd – “Church on a Hill” – Leanna Cooper - Glenbrook
3rd – “Beautiful Sunset” – Madison Price - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Fruit Tree” – Makayla Garzia - Ringgold

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “The House in the Woods” – Leela Carwell – Brown Upper Elem.
2nd – “After Van Gogh” – Allie Loftin - Doyline
3rd – “Untitled” – Jenni Nguyen - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Landscape” – Dylan Francis - Sarepta

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “The Moon” – Kathryn Murphy – Webster Jr. High
2nd – “The Beach” – KeAdria Miller – Webster Jr. High

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “New Orleans Street Car” – Tyjuan Thomas – Springhill High School
2nd – “Louisiana Tree” – Paige Teague – Springhill High School
3rd – “ Sunset” – Anothy Taylor – Springhill High School
Hon. Mention – “Watercolor Ship” – Paxton Britt – Shongaloo

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Landscape” – Peter Wise - Glenbrook

*Best in Show: “A House in the Woods” – Raquel Baer – Brown Upper Elem.

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Chicken with Attitude” – Anniston Jordan - Glenbrook
2nd – “College Chicken” – Brook Walker - Glenbrook
3rd – “Chickens” – Emma Dauzat - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Dylan’s Chickens” – Dylan Miller - Glenbrook

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Spot the Giraffe” – Hunter Chautin - Harper
2nd – “Sunrise Pelican” – Mackenzie White – Shongaloo Elementary
3rd – “Funky Hippie Chicken” – Aidan Mealey - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Rock-n-Roll Chicken” – Michaela Waits - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Green Envy” – Catherine Willis - Glenbrook
2nd –“Abstract” – Damarquis Davis – Brown Middle
3rd – “Halo ODST” – Nick Adams – Brown Middle
Hon. Mention – “Landscape” – Leela Caswell – Brown Upper Elementary

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “African Landscape” – Jemontel Washington – Webster Jr. High
2nd –“Hillary vs. Obama” – Montavious Smith – Springhill Jr. High
3rd – “Lion” – Jemontel Washington – Webster Jr. High
Hon. Mention – “Wolf” – Amiel Small – Webster Jr. High

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Hand” – Ashunti Wortham – Springhill High School
2nd –“Spring” – Ashunti Wortham – Springhill High School
3rd – “Midnight Owl” – Nate Landes - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Interior Life, Line & Value Study” – Bradley Morgan – Sarepta High School

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Alien Power” – Travarious Lawson – Springhill High School
2nd – “The Turtle” – Travarious Lawson – Springhill High School

*Best in Show: “Hand” – Ashunti Wortham – Springhill High School

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “The Blue Men” – Tanner Lipinski - Glenbrook
2nd –“Two Faces” – Kara Bryce - Glenbrook
3rd – “Crazy Dog” – Eli McGraw - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Me & My Cats” – Presley Tyler - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Side by Side” – Caroline Cone - Glenbrook
2nd – “Talking Heads” – Josh Wilkins - Glenbrook
3rd – “Me as a Baby” – Lilian Rojas - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Pretty in Pink” – Abigal Gilbert - Glenbrook

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Abstract” – Brook Fort – Caddo Middle Magnet
2nd –“Golden Turtle” – Alex Taylor - Springhill
3rd – “Blue” Alexandria Bridges – Springhill
Hon. Mention – “Go Hogs” – Montavious Smith - Springhill

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Untitled” – Jeffery Clark - Lakeside
2nd – “Miscellaneous” – Mikaela Carender - MHS
3rd – “Katastrophy” – Kathleen Monroe - MHS

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Earth” – Morgan Maskell - MHS
2nd – “Paradise” – Morgan Maskell - MHS
3rd – “Fire” – Morgan Maskell - MHS

*Best in Show: “Untitled” – Jeffery Clark - Lakeside

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Jackson Square” – Madison Price - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Watermelon Man” – Merry Ward – Webster Jr. High
2nd – “Down By the Creek Bank” – Marjorie Bailey - Central
3rd – “No Autographs Please!” – Merry Ward – Webster Jr. Hig
Hon. Mention – “Sunset” – Jacie Brent - Richardson

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Pine” – Jacob White - Glenbrook
2nd – “Untitled” – Meredith Nelson - Glenbrook
3rd – “Mature Creek” – Jacob White - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention –“Untitled” – Austin Snider - Glenbrook

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Shoes” – Savannah Willis - Glenbrook
2nd – “Untitled” – Savannah Willis - Glenbrook

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “John” – Kayla Hardy - MHS

*Best in Show: “Watermelon Man” – Merry Ward – Webster Jr. Highs

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “My Snow Day” – Kirsten Sibley - Richardson
2nd – “St. Patrick’s Day” – Kirsten Sibley - Richardson

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Desert” – Kyle King - Richardson
2nd – “A Sunny Day” – Peyton Woods - Richardson
3rd – “Alone” – Abbie Smith – Central Elementary
Hon. Mention – “Bring it Back” – Celeste Jimmerson - Richardson

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Torn” – Deanna Hodges - MHS
2nd – “Not Alone” – Deanna Hodges - MHS
3rd – “My Last Wish” - Deanna Hodges - MHS

Grades 11th – 12th :
Hon. Mention – “Desert” – Kyle King - Richardson

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Untitled” – Madison McCullough - Glenbrook
2nd – “Pinky” – Hollan Haynes - Glenbrook
3rd – “Untitled” – Emma Pitman - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Pretty Bug” – Abigail Kirsopp - Glenbrook

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Electric Bunny” – Nick Mourad - Glenbrook
2nd – “Checkers & Stripes” – Kate Walker - Glenbrook
3rd – “Bug Patterns” – Alexis Lee - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Mr. Swirls” – Kannon Butler - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Screened Bug” – Rayla Hardaway - Glenbrook
2nd – “”Forest Snake” – JaVeaun Lewis – Springhill
3rd – “Untitled” – Kennedy Ayers - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Lion” – Jarod Price - Glenbrook

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Untitled” – Brook Fort – Caddo Middle Magnet

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Out of Reach” – Kayla Hardy - MHS
2nd – Night Watcher” – Rachel Maskell - MHS
3rd – “Look at my Doggie” – Shelton Procell - MHS

*Best in Show: “Out of Reach” – Kayla Hardy - MHS

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Lion Mask” – Kristen Avery - Richardson
2nd – “Lion Mask” – Paige Wisely - Richardson
3rd – “Lion Mask” – Breyanna Brumfield - Richardson
Hon. Mention – “Lion Mask” – Price Miller - Richardson

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Miss Cheese” – Raquel Baer – Brown Upper

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “African Mask” – Rico Gonzalez – Brown Upper

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Untitled” – Cassie Thomas – Springhill
2nd – “Untitled” – Ja’Cara Little - Springill

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Dan the Deer Man” – Chancy Valentine - MHS
2nd – “Horse” – Quinton Martin - MHS
3rd – “Untitled” – Mikaela Carender - MHS

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Unknown Soldier” – Shelton Procell - MHS
2nd – “Old Guitar” – Shelton Procell - MHS

*Best in Show: “Dan the Deer Man” – Chancy Valentine - MHS

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

About this year's festival...

The morning started out very wet and very discouraging. After the early morning tornado warnings, we weren't sure who would show up. The vendors came even in the rain to set up. It was heartwarming to see them so eager to make this work. It sprinkled off and on and we all worked around it. By mid morning the rain was gone and by noon, the sun came out and so did the droves of peoples. …by the hundreds. Even with a late start, we still beat last year's attendance records. We did see more out of towners this year, too, especially from the Bossier/Shreveport area. The festival grows in popularity each year and I believe it is large part due to the increased desire for more cultural experiences that families can enjoy together.

We had a steady flow of traffic all day and the day turned out to be absolutely beautiful. There was some disappointments. The rain and wet ground did mean canceling some of planned activities but overall everything worked out.

It's hard to say what was better, the children on stage doing the funky chicken, the little kids playing musical instruments with the African drums or the wonderful performances by children in the talent show.

Glenbrook took top honors at this year’s festival. They won "Most Talented School" and "Most Supportive School" while Brandon Ratcliff, a Glenbrook student won "Most Talented Student."

Here are a few comments made by those who came to the festival with their families:

"We had a great time this year. The kids were really catered to with the audience participation, the beautiful grounds to explore and the many activities. The Spring Arts Festival is one of the few festivals each year that we can't afford to miss."—Brian Carlisle of Shreveport

"It was awesome. My kids did not want to leave." –Bethany Seales of Minden

"I was amazed how many creative children we have in this area. By giving them the opportunity to be exposed to something that manifests their spirits is a truly wonderful gift." —Pamela Brunson, Heflin

"I enjoyed the drumming with the children. I can't even think about it without crying. Those kids experienced what I felt was a once-in-a-lifetime experience." –Leslie Coyle, CC Board member

-- Chris Broussard

Egg Scavenger Hunt Update

Yachondria Harrison found one of our eggs from the Thursday and Friday Egg Hunt. We'll update you soon about the other winner.

Our Egg Hunt at The Farm on Saturday during our Spring Arts Festival brought us some winners, too! Jack Moore was the winner for the 7 & under group. Jack got a Safari animal Paint by Number set. Kenzie Ellington was the winner for the 8-12 group. Kenzie got a t-shirt. We had about 46 children who participated in the Scavenger hunt on Saturday. Brantley Ranger was pulled as our winner for the $50 Saturday egg. It wasn't found so we pulled a winner from our participants.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Festival Pics!

Here's a few pics from the Spring Arts Festival so far.

Be sure to come out today and enjoy all the great sights, sounds and activities!