Monday, April 23, 2012

SCHEDULE of EVENTS for ChickenStock 2012!

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CHICKEN STOCK 2012! Event list!

Festival goers will have the opportunity this Saturday to eat, feed and draw chickens at this the Chicken Stock, also known as the Spring Arts Festival.
Chicken Stock is a festival for everyone from children to adults,” Chris Broussard said. “It's a perfect way for families to spend the day together, and great way for friends to hang out and have fun.”
The 18th annual Spring Arts Festival will take place from 9 a.m. Until 7 p.m. Saturday, April 28 at The Farm, which is located on the corner of East Union and Talton Streets, across from Sav-A-Lot.

Saturday's event list is as follows:
The Great Talent Search- Students from across the parish will compete on stage for the coveted title of “Most Talented Student.” Between student performances, regional musicians and entertainment will perform.
Art for Children- Children’s hands on museum will have various art stations, including bug art and veggie prints. The Stations are designed to challenge imagination and creativity. No charge.
Children’s art,poetry,craft contest winners- Winning art entries will be on display. Students in grades K through 12 from across Webster parish entered the competition.
Arts & Craft Vendors- Various artisans will be selling wares on the historic four acre Farm.
Community Art Stations- Adults and young adults can help paint a mural that tells the story of the arts in Minden, watch noted artist Jay Marks complete his giant wire creation, or join Julie Tully and learn the art of clay building. Community art stations are free and will be open from 10am-5pm on Saturday.
Painting for a Cause”-Sign up in advance to paint with artists Chris Broussard and John Cannon. Using acrylic paints and provided step by step instructions participants will take home their art. There is a $10 fee and participants must preregister.. All proceeds benefit the Farm of Cultural Crossroads.
The Blue House open house- Built in 1933, following a devastating tornado, the house is much like it was in the late thirties. Furnished with many of the original antiques owned by the Moess family, the house remembers an era when electricity was new, water was still pumped in through a cistern and television had not yet been invited.
The Thornton sisters in Paintings:The world’s oldest African American siblings were honored in 2010 by Guinness World Book of Records. Mattie Thornton Renfroe, Carrie Thornton Miller and Rose Thornton Warren were honored by students with a collection of original folk art paintings created by the fine arts class of Glenbrook. View the paintings and hear some of the stories of the Thornton sisters as told by their friends and relatives. Sponsored by the Pleasant Valley Church.
Admission to Saturday events is $5 for adults. All children and K-12 students are free. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information visit Cultural Crossroads on the web at or on Facebook at or call Chris Broussard at 318-393-5991.

Book and Film Debut

A Children's book written and illustrated by local children, as well as a short film, will be presented to the public at a reception to honor the students.

The book and film reception will be held at The Farm on Friday evening, April 27 at 7:30. The Farm of Cultural Crossroads is located on the corner of East Union and Talton Streets, across from Sav-A-Lot.

Students made the most vibrant, beautiful illustrations for the cute story they wrote about the Thornton sisters,” said Chris Broussard.

The book, The Thorton Chicks, was made by Glenbrook 4th and 6th grade students and is a story about the Thorton sisters. A Guinness record is held by the sisters for having the highest combined age of three living siblings, which was 324 years old in 2009.

Kate Marvin signs off on The Thorton Chicks before it is sent to the publisher.

Last year’s Spring Arts Festival determined Glenbrook was the winner of Most Talented School contest, which is an annual contest to see what school has the most talented students.

The winner of Most Talented school is awarded an Arts In Education Project, called “We Want to be Authors”, which is worth $3,000. The Thorton Chicks is the fifth book to be published by students in Webster Parish, due to Spring Arts Festival and Cultural Crossroads.

Student authors will sign a copies of the book, which will be for sale for $10, during the reception, and afterwords a short film will be shown.

special film, which will be shown on The Farm’s big outdoor movie screen, is kicking off a new addition to next year's Spring Arts Festival.” Broussard said. “It was created by local students and will challenge other area students to create their own short film for entry into next year's film contest, which will be part of the Spring Arts Festival art contest.”

For more information about the reception, Spring Arts Festival or Cultural Crossroads visit their website at or on facebook at or call Chris Broussard at 318-393-5991.

Paint for a Cause at the Community Painting Party!

Adults and young-adults can have a good time at Chicken Stock during “Paint-for-a-Cause” , held at “The Community Paint Party” during Saturday's Chicken Stock.

John Cannon, Minster at First United Methodist Church, typically shares his art with family and friends by having pieces he has created displayed in his office and home.

I love talking with people about their reactions to the works,” said Cannon, who feels the arts can positively affect people's lives.

I believe the process of doing art and enjoying art of all varieties- visual, music, literary, ect- fosters creativity and deep thinking in all other aspects of life.”

Cannon became interested in art from an early age.

My great grandmother was an artist, and when I was very young I ran across some of her old oil paints and started playing with the colors,” he said. “I have been hooked ever since.”

Approximately six years ago, Cannon started painting in on a more regular basis.

I did some landscapes and portraits, but found I really enjoyed abstract works to experiment with color and texture,” he said.

Participants in Paint-for-a-Cause can register to paint with Cannon and create abstract pieces of art.

Broussard will show participants how to paint a “whimsical-folk-flower” or “funky chicken.”

I started my own after-school enrichment for children some twenty years ago,” Broussard said. “In my effort to provide a nurturing and imaginative space for children, I also wanted to teach them the joys of creating works of art.”
Broussard has organized the 18 Chicken Stock, or Spring Arts Festivals, as well as running Cultural Crossroads as the chairman of the board.

It's so important for everyone, children and adults alike, to have a creative outlet,” Broussard said.

The Community Paint Party cost $10 per session and will take place on Saturday, April 28.
Proceeds cover the cost of supplies and all proceeds will go to Cultural Crossroad's Chicken Stock festival.
To register call Jeri Bloxom at 318-299-3643 or email her at
The schedule for the ninety minute art sessions are as follows:
9:30am-11:00pm John Cannon (abstract)
11:30am-1:00pm Chris Broussard (Zen Flower)
1:30pm-3:00pm John Cannon (abstract)
3:30pm-5:00pm Chris Broussard (Funky Chicken)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daisy Girl Scout Troop 503 puts down roots at The Farm!

Daisy Girl Scout Troop 503 of Minden spent their money and their time contributing to the already existing 'food forest' at the Farm.

They spent the afternoon planting four apple trees. The four acre Farm known as the Moess Center for the Arts and City Farm had an established food forest. Decendents of the Moess Family planted several pecan, wild cherry, mulberry, and pear trees. These apple trees are a welcomed addition.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Farmer's Market Meeting Announced!

The growing season has started, which means Cultural Crossroad's Farmer's Market will be open soon and planning for the market is starting now.

A meeting for anyone interested in selling at or supporting our farmers market's fourth season is set for Thursday, April 12 at 6 p.m. and will be held at the Farm located across from Save-A-Lot on the corner of Talton and East Union Streets.

Our main focus is to encourage and promote local growers. There are so many great things about farmer's markets, such as giving local people an opportunity to profit from their gardens or hobbies and bringing the community together to support one another.

The meeting is open to all vendors and growers of the past three seasons and we are hoping to gain additional members.

We are want to encourage anyone that is interested in either producing or selling produce to attend the meeting.

We also have a program for students- we really support the entrepreneurship of our young people!

Two years ago Cultural Crossroads Farmer's Market initiated a young entrepreneurs program that offered free vendor space to 4-H'ers and any student interested in selling their homemade, handmade or homespun goods or vegetables.

One example of the success of that program is 14-year-old Guy Twyman, who brought his homemade soaps to market. He became a market favorite! We hope to see more students like Guy this season.

The target date for opening this year is in May but the exact date and hours will be determined by the newly formed Farmers Market Council, which will be discussed at the Thursday meeting.

Call Pam Brunson at 371-9006 for more information on the Farmer's Market and to keep up with Farm and Cultural Crossroads events and meetings find us on Facebook at