Monday, April 23, 2012

Book and Film Debut

A Children's book written and illustrated by local children, as well as a short film, will be presented to the public at a reception to honor the students.

The book and film reception will be held at The Farm on Friday evening, April 27 at 7:30. The Farm of Cultural Crossroads is located on the corner of East Union and Talton Streets, across from Sav-A-Lot.

Students made the most vibrant, beautiful illustrations for the cute story they wrote about the Thornton sisters,” said Chris Broussard.

The book, The Thorton Chicks, was made by Glenbrook 4th and 6th grade students and is a story about the Thorton sisters. A Guinness record is held by the sisters for having the highest combined age of three living siblings, which was 324 years old in 2009.

Kate Marvin signs off on The Thorton Chicks before it is sent to the publisher.

Last year’s Spring Arts Festival determined Glenbrook was the winner of Most Talented School contest, which is an annual contest to see what school has the most talented students.

The winner of Most Talented school is awarded an Arts In Education Project, called “We Want to be Authors”, which is worth $3,000. The Thorton Chicks is the fifth book to be published by students in Webster Parish, due to Spring Arts Festival and Cultural Crossroads.

Student authors will sign a copies of the book, which will be for sale for $10, during the reception, and afterwords a short film will be shown.

special film, which will be shown on The Farm’s big outdoor movie screen, is kicking off a new addition to next year's Spring Arts Festival.” Broussard said. “It was created by local students and will challenge other area students to create their own short film for entry into next year's film contest, which will be part of the Spring Arts Festival art contest.”

For more information about the reception, Spring Arts Festival or Cultural Crossroads visit their website at or on facebook at or call Chris Broussard at 318-393-5991.

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