Thursday, May 21, 2009

Upcoming Farmer's Market Details....

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Farmer's Market Just Around the Corner!

The Farmer's Market is going to be every other Saturday beginning June 6th from 10am-2pm. Vendors can call Julie Vogel at (318) 286 9472 to rent space.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our local children make the best models!

Cultural Crossroads has found the perfect models to promote their various cultural events including the recent Spring Arts Festival. Children and grandchildren of board members were used this year to help celebrate the festival’s Egyptian theme. “We’ve enjoyed being able to give some notoriety to our own community children,” states Julie Vogel, president. Some of these kids were present at the recent ‘authors and actors’ night at the festival offering up opportunities for their autograph. Roman Holliday was one who appeared in the recent feature film written and acted by children during a film camp held at the Farm. And Roman Holliday was one of the models used in last year’s “Discover China” promotional material. He say’s you can have his autograph…but it’ll cost ya!

Farmer's Market Coming Soon!

Beginning on June 6th, they'll be some fresh goodies to be had at the corner of East Union and Talton St. in Minden under the big pavilion. Booth spaces are for rent to farmers. Expect to see arts, crafts and antique dealers. Call Ejay Colvin at 318-518-4176 or visit for more info in the future.

Spring Arts 2009 Talent Search Winners

High School Winners:
1st Place: Regina Bennett-Minden High
2nd Place: Paxton Britt-Shongaloo High
3rd Place (tie): Derek Rice-Minden High
3rd Place (tie): Bria Wiese-Sarepta High
Honorable Mention: Disturbed by Silence-Springhill High

Middle School Winners:
1st Place: Madison Couch, Abby Reynolds-Central Middle
2nd Place: Will Phillips-Glenbrook
3rd Place: Kelly McFarland-Doyline Middle
Honorable Mention: Collin Jenkins-Shongaloo Jr. High

Elementary School Winners:
1st Place: Destiny Moore-Central Elementary
2nd Place (tie): Jordan Lary, Madison Couch, Hannah Heflin, Abby Reynolds, Alex Reynolds -Central Elementary
2nd Place (tie): James Dickinson-Union Elementary
3rd Place: Kenzie Ellington-Harper Elementary
Honorable Mention: Madeline Bethea

Spring Arts 2009 Art, Poetry & Craft Winners for K-12


Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Mackenzie White – Shongaloo
2nd – Riley Olivier - Richardson
3rd – Chris Batton - Stewart
Hon. Mention –Timerial Hawkins - Richardson

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Trey Qualls - Richardson
2nd – Rebekah Frazier – Easter Azalea – Andrew Christian Academy
3rd – Sierra Ramsey – Apples - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Levi Schumacher – Mega-Burger Man - Homeschool

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Jaelon Davis – Radiant Pharoah - Webster
2nd – Maty Oller – Meow - Webster
3rd – Peyton Allen - Springhill
Hon. Mention – Alexandria Bridges - Springhill

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Walker Adams - Springhill
2nd – Brandi Simms - Springhill
*Best in Show: Trey Qualls, Richardson

Paintings: Still Life

Ages 5 and under:
1st – Rohan Singh – Firetruck – Singh Homeschool

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Dylan Dickenson – Vase with Flowers - Union
2nd – Dallas Edwards - Apples - Glenbrook
3rd – Zachery Yerd - Union
Hon. Mention – Sebastian Watson - Union

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Autumn Graves – Cabbage - Richardson
2nd – Kennedy Preziosi – Sunflower - Harper
3rd – Audry Jennings – Me in Egyptian Style - Sarepta
Hon. Mention – Sabrina Thomas – Lady Bug - Stewart

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Leace Poe – The Dance of the Egyptian - Springhill

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Bradley Morgan – Ducks - Sarepta
2nd – Ashley Luckett – Still life - Springhill
3rd – Denico Robinson – Louisiana - Springhill
Hon. Mention – Bradley Morgan – Raleway - Sarepta

*Best in Show: Autumn Graves – Cabbage, Richardson

Paintings: Portraits & Animals

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Juliet Moorman – Horse of Joy - Harper
2nd – Sarah Fuller – Sarah-Boo - Homeschool
3rd – Aaron Fuller – Sadness - Homeschool
Hon. Mention – Jay Fuller – Dino Night - Homeschool

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Laura Frazier – Little Ballerina – Andrew Christian Academy
2nd – Bobby Moorman – Chick-A-Doodle Do Morning - Harper
3rd – Jasmine Wallace - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Catherine Frazier – The Performance – Andrew Christian Academy

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Rebekah Frazier – Little Irish Girl – Andrew Christian Academy
2nd – Dorian Scoggins – Webster
3rd – Cherry Berola - Shongaloo
Hon. Mention – Melody Hanson – Pop Style – Cotton Valley

Ages 15 – 18
1st – J’Darius Moore - Webster
2nd – Alexa Brophy - Webster
3rd – Tori Christian – The More Things Change - Shongaloo
Hon. Mention – J’Darius Moore – Webster

*Best in Show: Laura Frazier – The Little Ballerina, Andrew Christian Academy

Paintings: Landscape

Ages 5 and under:
1st – Jacob Schumacher – Winter Morning - Homeschool
2nd – Eden Croad – Yellow & Blue Make Green – Little Blessings
3rd – Makenzie Eskew - Richardson

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Erin Lee - Richardson
2nd – Makayla Booth - Glenbrook
3rd – Drake Roten - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Cristalyn McDaniel - Glenbrook

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Arielle Gathright - Harper
2nd – Autumn Graves - Richardson
3rd – Laken Lee - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Sabrina Thomas - Stewart

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Mattavious Warthan – On the Pond - Springhill
2nd – Ashley Luckett – Artist at work - Springhill
3rd – Ashley Lucket – Louisiana Dreams - Springhill
Hon. Mention – no entry

*Best in Show: Arielle Gathright – Rooster, Harper

Pencil & Crayon

Ages 5 and under:
1st – Adriana Downs – Brown
2nd – Jacob Schumacher – Sunny Tornado - Homeschool

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Chris Batton - Stewart
2nd – Justin Richardson – Rooster - Richardson
3rd – Jesse Schumacher – Twister Turner - Homeschool
Hon. Mention – Mackenzie White – Theme - Shongaloo

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Dixie Smith - Glenbrook
2nd – Laken Lee - Richardson
3rd – Brittany Manzanares – Swampy Life - Stewart
Hon. Mention – Jacie Brent - Shongaloo

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Dorian Scroggins - Webster
2nd – Tori Schumacher - Homeschool
3rd – Paige Teague - Springhill
Hon. Mention – Jennifer Kirkpatrick - Shongaloo

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Miranda Anderson - Webster
2nd – Ashunti Wortham - Springhill
3rd – Amanda Thurman - Springill
Hon. Mention – Dakat Mouser - Shongaloo

*Best in Show: Dorian Scroggins, Webster Jr. Hi.


Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Makenzie White - Pyramid - Shongaloo
2nd – James & Dylan Dickenson – Egg Plant - Union

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Rico Gonzales – King Tut - Brown
2nd – Tashira Bankhead – Mardi Gras - Springill
3rd – Leela Caswell - Brown
Hon. Mention – Kentaria Thomas - Brown

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Quinton Martin – Stained Glass - Glenbrook
2nd – Gage Daniels – Obelisk – Webster
3rd – Marshall Frye – Wood Map - Webster
Hon. Mention –

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Archie Pippen & David Thompson - Metal Egret - Glenbrook

*Best in Show: Archie Pippen & David Thompson - Metal Egret, Glenbrook


Ages 5 and under:
1st – Eden Croad – “Yellow and Blue make Green #2” – Little Blessings

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Sebastian Watson - Union
2nd – Jake Watson - Union
3rd – Mathew Estes - Union
Hon. Mention – Alyssah Sites - Union

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Michael Cannon – The Back Street Homeschool
2nd – Emily Long - Doyline
3rd – Peyton Lilly - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Elisah List - Brown

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Thomas Booth - Homeschool
2nd – Tabath Blocker - Webster
3rd – Octavia Thomus - Springhill
Hon. Mention – no entry

*Best in Show: Michael Cannon, The Back Street Homeschool


Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Laura Frazier – Andrew Christian Academy
2nd – Catherine Frazier – Andrew Christian Academy
3rd – Marjorie Bailey - Central
Hon. Mention – Laura Frazier – Andrew Christian Academy

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Cherry Berula - Shongaloo

*Best in Show: Cherry Berula, Shongaloo


Ages 9 – 11:
1st – James Dickinson – “Why Do Chickens Have to Die?” - Union
2nd – Abby Reynolds – “Green” - Central
3rd – Jason Barton – “Tony Stewart” - Richardson
Hon. Mention – DyNiecea Jefferson - Brown

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Rebekah Frazier – “Where I Go” – Andrew Christian Academy
2nd – Rebekah Frazier – “New Season” – Andrew Christian Academy
3rd – Shardonnay Brantley – “I Am” - Brown
Hon. Mention – Rebekah Frazier – “Cat-Dog ” – Andrew Christian Academy

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Melonie Slack – “Typical” - Sarepta
2nd – Michael Hammons – “For What Its Worth” – Minden High
3rd – Jay Frazier – “The Hermit” – Andrew Christian Academy
Hon. Mention – Michael Hammons – “Believe” – Minden High

*Best in Show: James Sidney Dickenson – “Why Do Chickens Have to Die?” Union Elementary


Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Rico Gonzalez - Brown
2nd – Majorie Bailey - Central
3rd – Dylan Francis - Brown
Hon. Mention – Jalon Johnson - Springhill

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Tori Schumacher - Homeschool
2nd – Nyasha Thompson - Springhill
3rd – Octavia Thomas - Springhill

*Best in Show: Tori Schumacher-Homerschool

Top 3 Egyptian Art Winners:

1. Abby Reynolds – “Untitled” – Central
2. Tori Christian – “The More Things Change” – Shongaloo
3. Rico Gonzalez – “King Tut Mask” - Springhill

A Festival Reunion

The Plaisance family traveled from Kentwood, Louisiana to share in the festivities this past weekend. The Plaisance were one of many displaced families that made a temporary home of Minden after hurricane Katrina. Originally from Chalmette, Glenn and Denise and their daughters Rebecca and Alyse were some of the first to seek assistance from the Northwest Louisiana Hurricane Relief Center housed in the old Walmart building on Homer Road.

They made this area their home for over a year before moving closer to ‘home.’ While the family lived in Claiborne Parish, they became known to many. They were part of Cultural Crossroads “Art on Broadway” event and cooked up some of their famous gumbo for festival goers to enjoy in 2007 at The Spring Arts Festival. ‘It was there way of saying thanks to a community that took them in,’ they said. They returned to Minden during the Spring Arts Festival recently to enjoy the festivities and say ‘hi’ to old friends.

Dedication and Tree Planting

More than 250 third graders from Harper, Richardson, Stewart and Jones were part of a special memorial ceremony at the Farm during the Spring Arts Festival. The children with the help of members of both families set out to plant two trees in honor of their classmates. Jared Adams, a 5th grader at Richardson Elementary and Damon Cosby a second grader at Harper Elementary both died in tragic accidents this past year. In a special memorial service for the two youngsters, families of Jared Adams and Damon Cosby were on hand to help with the tree planting. The two peach trees have been marked with the names of the youngsters. The ceremony was held at Cultural Crossroads four acre Farm. Children from both schools expressed a desire to do something in their honor. The suggestion was taken to heart when organizers for the festival decided to plan the memorial service as a tribute to the two children whose young lives had already touched so many.

Jared Adams had been involved in the 5th grade project “We want to be Authors” held in February. Their newly released book entitled “Believe” was dedicated to the memory of Jared. A copy of the book was presented to the school library and another will be presented to the parish library in the weeks to come.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Glimpses of the 2009 Spring Arts Festival

Hundreds of area children and their families were treated to a rare sight this past Saturday as part of this year’s 15th Spring Arts Festival. An ancient sand script was on display courtesy of the Karpeles Manuscript Museum of Shreveport. The impressive stone carving dating back more than 3,000 years was offered for show as part of “Pharaoh’s Favorites.” Karpeles Manuscript Museum is the world’s largest private holding of important original manuscripts and documents. The Museum is located at 3201 Centenary Blvd. in Shreveport.

Jamie Piggot’s fine arts class at Glenbrook School used some class time to help out with the sets for the recently filmed movie in Minden. The small feature film written and produced by area elementary students called “Pharoah’s Favorites” was shot at the Farm during spring break. The special film camp sponsored by the Robinson Film Center and Cultural Crossroads was part of this year’s 15th annual Spring Arts Festival.

The junior and seniors that make up the fine arts class created the backdrops with the help of local artists Chris Broussard and Larry Milford.

Festival goers were invited Friday, April 24th to the Farm to view the movie on the Farm’s outdoor movie screen. More than 200 people attended the premiere of the movie. The “Lights, Camera, Education” film camp was also funded by a grant from the Community Foundation, the Louisiana Division of the Arts, the La. Dept. of Culture Recreation and Tourism and the Shreveport Arts Council.

This year’s 15th annual festival was a roaring success. More than 2,500 people enjoyed the three day festival that included two days of festivities designed especially for area elementary students. Thursday and Friday more than 500 third and fifth graders spent an entire day on the Farm working side by side with professional artists. Friday night was authors and actors night and more than 200 people came out for a special book signing of the newly released book entitled “Believe.” Written and illustrated by 5th graders from Richardson Elementary School, copies of the soft back book went on sale with all proceeds to benefit future Arts In Education projects.

Chewy the camel roamed the grounds near the fourteen foot pyramid where mounds of sand were dumped just for this special occasion. Hundreds of children found great delight playing in the sand while digging for buried treasurers The four acre Farm was transformed for the weekend in an effort to showcase the rich talent of our parish while celebrating ancient Egypt. Chewy was a guest of the festival thanks to the High Delta Safari Park in West Monroe. Check out their website for upcoming summer camps.