Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dedication and Tree Planting

More than 250 third graders from Harper, Richardson, Stewart and Jones were part of a special memorial ceremony at the Farm during the Spring Arts Festival. The children with the help of members of both families set out to plant two trees in honor of their classmates. Jared Adams, a 5th grader at Richardson Elementary and Damon Cosby a second grader at Harper Elementary both died in tragic accidents this past year. In a special memorial service for the two youngsters, families of Jared Adams and Damon Cosby were on hand to help with the tree planting. The two peach trees have been marked with the names of the youngsters. The ceremony was held at Cultural Crossroads four acre Farm. Children from both schools expressed a desire to do something in their honor. The suggestion was taken to heart when organizers for the festival decided to plan the memorial service as a tribute to the two children whose young lives had already touched so many.

Jared Adams had been involved in the 5th grade project “We want to be Authors” held in February. Their newly released book entitled “Believe” was dedicated to the memory of Jared. A copy of the book was presented to the school library and another will be presented to the parish library in the weeks to come.

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