Monday, August 8, 2011

The Farm's Water Park Day Recap

Many had a blast at last Saturday's Water Park Day at The Farm (Sat., August 6, 2011). Kids were waiting at the gate when it opened at 10am. Between 30 and 40 children were in and out all day enjoying the nice, big tubs full of refreshing and cool water. Parents got to enjoy watching the kids splash and have fun in the shade. For some children, it was their first time to get to play in the water this Summer. We're so happy the children got to experience it! All the kids were offered chips and popsicles every half hour.

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Name This Flower!....

We have a mystery plant growing at The Farm and we need your help figuring out what it is. This is one of the plants that has recently been let to "go wild" and this is the gift it gave back. It is one of the original plants of the property that Mrs. Zenobia West and her two Aunts planted. It grows on a vine. So help us figure out what plant this is....

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beat the Heat -- Cooling Stations Are Here!

Cultural Crossroads and St. Rest Baptist church have teamed up to address the scorching hot temperatures by providing a couple of 'cooling stations.'

St. Rest will open their new community center with special activities for seniors and children. Cultural Crossroads' Farm located just a half a block from the church will open up Saturday, Aug. 6 from 10am-3pm with an old fashioned water park. Fully equipped with cold water in brand new horse troughs, the makeshift swimming pools will provide neighborhood kids with a cool dip in the water. With plenty of shade, the four acre Farm will provide a nice retreat for neighborhood children. Popsicles will be handed out compliments of Sheriff Gary Sexton. Lots of ice cold water and chips are compliments of Gene Reynolds, candidate for State Representative. And Coca Cola Bottling Company has donated bottled water for the church's cooling station.