Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Webster Jr. High Ag Students Work Their Green Thumbs!

The Webster Jr. Hi. Ag class planted a community garden at the Farm. This outreach program sponsored and funded by Cultural Crossroads will engage junior high students enrolled in Webster's ag class. The students prepared the soil and planted the nearly 100 tomato plants this past week.

2010 Spring Arts Festival Talent Show Winners!

Elementary Division
1st Place--Kenzie Ellington, Harper Elementary
2nd Place--Bonnie Haynie, Central Elementary
3rd Place--Allyson Doyle, Bonnie Haynie and Madison Couch, Central Elementary

Middle/Jr. High School Division
1st Place--Kelly Mc Farland, Doyline
2nd Place--Aubrie Stahl, Webster Jr. High
3rd Place--Collin Jenkins, Shongaloo

High School Division
1st Place--Brandon Ratcliff, Glenbrook
2nd Place--"Women of Praise", Lakeside
2nd Place--Bria Wiese, Sarepta
2nd Place--Derek Rick, Shongaloo
3rd Place--Cody Haynes, Shongaloo

"Overall Most Talented School in the Parish" --Glenbrook
"Overll Most Talented Student in the Parish" --Brandon Ratcliff, Glenbrook
"Most Talented Elementary" --Glenbrook
"Most Talented Middle/Jr High"--Webster Jr. High
"Most Taltented High School" --Minden High

"Most Supportive School" --Glenbrook

2010 Spring Arts Festival Art Winners!

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Eggplants” – Bethany Maskell - Phillips

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Self - Portrait” – Kathleen Monroe - MHS
2nd – “Self – Portrait” – Josh Gosa - MHS
3rd – “Untitled” – Chancy Valentine - MH

*Best in Show: “Self – Portrait” – Kathleen Monroe - MHS

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Scarecrow” – Chelsea Dupont - Glenbrook
2nd – “Scarecrow” – Hollan Chandler - Glenbrook
3rd – “Scarecrow” – Madison McCullough - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Scarecrow” – Shephard Latham - Glenbrook

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Scarecrow” – Joseph Kidd - Glenbrook
2nd – “Scarecrow” – Kelsey Gillam - Glenbrook
3rd – “Blackbirds Everywhere” – Daniel Miller - Glenbrook
Hon. Men. – “Blackbirds on my Head” – Aubrie Dickson - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Bloom Boom” – Abby Reynolds - Central
2nd – “Grandma’s Kitchen” – Merry Faith Ward - Harper
3rd – “Crazy Feet” – Abby Reynolds - Central
Hon. Mention – “Funky Chicken” – Merry Faith Ward - Harper

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Pencil Color Flower” – Ali Johnson – Webster Jr. High
2nd – “Orchids” – Brook Fort – Caddo Middle Magnet
3rd – “Rose” – Kevin Hamilton – Webster Jr. High
Hon. Mention – “Magnolia” – Alexandria Bridges – Springhill Jr. High

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Single Eye” – Addie Moore - MHS
2nd – “Portrait” – Addie Moore - MHS
3rd – “Louisiana Farms” – Chae Burns – Sarepta High School
Hon. Mention – “Hand Study” – Ashunti Wortham – Springhill High Sch.

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “LSU” – Rachel Maskell - MHS

*Best in Show: “Bloom Boom” – Abby Reynolds - Central

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Self – Portrait” – Matthew Estes – Union Elementary
2nd – “African Lady” – Skylar Davis - Glenbrook
3rd – “Matthew” – Alyssah Sites – Union Elementary
Hon. Mention – “Big Mama” – Elise Twyman - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Master Copy after Henri Matisse” – Elizabeth Fuller - Doyline
2nd – “African Lady” – Ashley Khame - Glenbrook
3rd – “African Lady” – Emily Rhame - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Warrior” – Lyle Reagan - Glenbrook

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “My Brother” – Dave Parks - Glenbrook

*Best in Show: “Self – Portrait” – Matthew Estes – Union Elementary

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Untitled” – Chris Batton - Stewart
2nd – “ Fruit Tree” – Kendall Squyres - Central
3rd – “Untitled” – Alyssa Vela – Webster PreSchool
Hon. Mention – “Untitled” – Janiya Bailey - Harper

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “A House in the Woods” – Raquel Baer – Brown Upper Elementary
2nd – “Church on a Hill” – Leanna Cooper - Glenbrook
3rd – “Beautiful Sunset” – Madison Price - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Fruit Tree” – Makayla Garzia - Ringgold

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “The House in the Woods” – Leela Carwell – Brown Upper Elem.
2nd – “After Van Gogh” – Allie Loftin - Doyline
3rd – “Untitled” – Jenni Nguyen - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Landscape” – Dylan Francis - Sarepta

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “The Moon” – Kathryn Murphy – Webster Jr. High
2nd – “The Beach” – KeAdria Miller – Webster Jr. High

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “New Orleans Street Car” – Tyjuan Thomas – Springhill High School
2nd – “Louisiana Tree” – Paige Teague – Springhill High School
3rd – “ Sunset” – Anothy Taylor – Springhill High School
Hon. Mention – “Watercolor Ship” – Paxton Britt – Shongaloo

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Landscape” – Peter Wise - Glenbrook

*Best in Show: “A House in the Woods” – Raquel Baer – Brown Upper Elem.

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Chicken with Attitude” – Anniston Jordan - Glenbrook
2nd – “College Chicken” – Brook Walker - Glenbrook
3rd – “Chickens” – Emma Dauzat - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Dylan’s Chickens” – Dylan Miller - Glenbrook

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Spot the Giraffe” – Hunter Chautin - Harper
2nd – “Sunrise Pelican” – Mackenzie White – Shongaloo Elementary
3rd – “Funky Hippie Chicken” – Aidan Mealey - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Rock-n-Roll Chicken” – Michaela Waits - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Green Envy” – Catherine Willis - Glenbrook
2nd –“Abstract” – Damarquis Davis – Brown Middle
3rd – “Halo ODST” – Nick Adams – Brown Middle
Hon. Mention – “Landscape” – Leela Caswell – Brown Upper Elementary

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “African Landscape” – Jemontel Washington – Webster Jr. High
2nd –“Hillary vs. Obama” – Montavious Smith – Springhill Jr. High
3rd – “Lion” – Jemontel Washington – Webster Jr. High
Hon. Mention – “Wolf” – Amiel Small – Webster Jr. High

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Hand” – Ashunti Wortham – Springhill High School
2nd –“Spring” – Ashunti Wortham – Springhill High School
3rd – “Midnight Owl” – Nate Landes - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Interior Life, Line & Value Study” – Bradley Morgan – Sarepta High School

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Alien Power” – Travarious Lawson – Springhill High School
2nd – “The Turtle” – Travarious Lawson – Springhill High School

*Best in Show: “Hand” – Ashunti Wortham – Springhill High School

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “The Blue Men” – Tanner Lipinski - Glenbrook
2nd –“Two Faces” – Kara Bryce - Glenbrook
3rd – “Crazy Dog” – Eli McGraw - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Me & My Cats” – Presley Tyler - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Side by Side” – Caroline Cone - Glenbrook
2nd – “Talking Heads” – Josh Wilkins - Glenbrook
3rd – “Me as a Baby” – Lilian Rojas - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Pretty in Pink” – Abigal Gilbert - Glenbrook

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Abstract” – Brook Fort – Caddo Middle Magnet
2nd –“Golden Turtle” – Alex Taylor - Springhill
3rd – “Blue” Alexandria Bridges – Springhill
Hon. Mention – “Go Hogs” – Montavious Smith - Springhill

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Untitled” – Jeffery Clark - Lakeside
2nd – “Miscellaneous” – Mikaela Carender - MHS
3rd – “Katastrophy” – Kathleen Monroe - MHS

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Earth” – Morgan Maskell - MHS
2nd – “Paradise” – Morgan Maskell - MHS
3rd – “Fire” – Morgan Maskell - MHS

*Best in Show: “Untitled” – Jeffery Clark - Lakeside

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Jackson Square” – Madison Price - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Watermelon Man” – Merry Ward – Webster Jr. High
2nd – “Down By the Creek Bank” – Marjorie Bailey - Central
3rd – “No Autographs Please!” – Merry Ward – Webster Jr. Hig
Hon. Mention – “Sunset” – Jacie Brent - Richardson

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Pine” – Jacob White - Glenbrook
2nd – “Untitled” – Meredith Nelson - Glenbrook
3rd – “Mature Creek” – Jacob White - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention –“Untitled” – Austin Snider - Glenbrook

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Shoes” – Savannah Willis - Glenbrook
2nd – “Untitled” – Savannah Willis - Glenbrook

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “John” – Kayla Hardy - MHS

*Best in Show: “Watermelon Man” – Merry Ward – Webster Jr. Highs

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “My Snow Day” – Kirsten Sibley - Richardson
2nd – “St. Patrick’s Day” – Kirsten Sibley - Richardson

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Desert” – Kyle King - Richardson
2nd – “A Sunny Day” – Peyton Woods - Richardson
3rd – “Alone” – Abbie Smith – Central Elementary
Hon. Mention – “Bring it Back” – Celeste Jimmerson - Richardson

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Torn” – Deanna Hodges - MHS
2nd – “Not Alone” – Deanna Hodges - MHS
3rd – “My Last Wish” - Deanna Hodges - MHS

Grades 11th – 12th :
Hon. Mention – “Desert” – Kyle King - Richardson

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Untitled” – Madison McCullough - Glenbrook
2nd – “Pinky” – Hollan Haynes - Glenbrook
3rd – “Untitled” – Emma Pitman - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Pretty Bug” – Abigail Kirsopp - Glenbrook

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Electric Bunny” – Nick Mourad - Glenbrook
2nd – “Checkers & Stripes” – Kate Walker - Glenbrook
3rd – “Bug Patterns” – Alexis Lee - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Mr. Swirls” – Kannon Butler - Glenbrook

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “Screened Bug” – Rayla Hardaway - Glenbrook
2nd – “”Forest Snake” – JaVeaun Lewis – Springhill
3rd – “Untitled” – Kennedy Ayers - Glenbrook
Hon. Mention – “Lion” – Jarod Price - Glenbrook

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Untitled” – Brook Fort – Caddo Middle Magnet

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Out of Reach” – Kayla Hardy - MHS
2nd – Night Watcher” – Rachel Maskell - MHS
3rd – “Look at my Doggie” – Shelton Procell - MHS

*Best in Show: “Out of Reach” – Kayla Hardy - MHS

Grades K – 1st :
1st – “Lion Mask” – Kristen Avery - Richardson
2nd – “Lion Mask” – Paige Wisely - Richardson
3rd – “Lion Mask” – Breyanna Brumfield - Richardson
Hon. Mention – “Lion Mask” – Price Miller - Richardson

Grades 2nd – 4th :
1st – “Miss Cheese” – Raquel Baer – Brown Upper

Grades 5th – 6th :
1st – “African Mask” – Rico Gonzalez – Brown Upper

Grades 7th – 8th :
1st – “Untitled” – Cassie Thomas – Springhill
2nd – “Untitled” – Ja’Cara Little - Springill

Grades 9th – 10th :
1st – “Dan the Deer Man” – Chancy Valentine - MHS
2nd – “Horse” – Quinton Martin - MHS
3rd – “Untitled” – Mikaela Carender - MHS

Grades 11th – 12th :
1st – “Unknown Soldier” – Shelton Procell - MHS
2nd – “Old Guitar” – Shelton Procell - MHS

*Best in Show: “Dan the Deer Man” – Chancy Valentine - MHS

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

About this year's festival...

The morning started out very wet and very discouraging. After the early morning tornado warnings, we weren't sure who would show up. The vendors came even in the rain to set up. It was heartwarming to see them so eager to make this work. It sprinkled off and on and we all worked around it. By mid morning the rain was gone and by noon, the sun came out and so did the droves of peoples. …by the hundreds. Even with a late start, we still beat last year's attendance records. We did see more out of towners this year, too, especially from the Bossier/Shreveport area. The festival grows in popularity each year and I believe it is large part due to the increased desire for more cultural experiences that families can enjoy together.

We had a steady flow of traffic all day and the day turned out to be absolutely beautiful. There was some disappointments. The rain and wet ground did mean canceling some of planned activities but overall everything worked out.

It's hard to say what was better, the children on stage doing the funky chicken, the little kids playing musical instruments with the African drums or the wonderful performances by children in the talent show.

Glenbrook took top honors at this year’s festival. They won "Most Talented School" and "Most Supportive School" while Brandon Ratcliff, a Glenbrook student won "Most Talented Student."

Here are a few comments made by those who came to the festival with their families:

"We had a great time this year. The kids were really catered to with the audience participation, the beautiful grounds to explore and the many activities. The Spring Arts Festival is one of the few festivals each year that we can't afford to miss."—Brian Carlisle of Shreveport

"It was awesome. My kids did not want to leave." –Bethany Seales of Minden

"I was amazed how many creative children we have in this area. By giving them the opportunity to be exposed to something that manifests their spirits is a truly wonderful gift." —Pamela Brunson, Heflin

"I enjoyed the drumming with the children. I can't even think about it without crying. Those kids experienced what I felt was a once-in-a-lifetime experience." –Leslie Coyle, CC Board member

-- Chris Broussard

Egg Scavenger Hunt Update

Yachondria Harrison found one of our eggs from the Thursday and Friday Egg Hunt. We'll update you soon about the other winner.

Our Egg Hunt at The Farm on Saturday during our Spring Arts Festival brought us some winners, too! Jack Moore was the winner for the 7 & under group. Jack got a Safari animal Paint by Number set. Kenzie Ellington was the winner for the 8-12 group. Kenzie got a t-shirt. We had about 46 children who participated in the Scavenger hunt on Saturday. Brantley Ranger was pulled as our winner for the $50 Saturday egg. It wasn't found so we pulled a winner from our participants.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Festival Pics!

Here's a few pics from the Spring Arts Festival so far.

Be sure to come out today and enjoy all the great sights, sounds and activities!

Friday, April 23, 2010

2nd Clue for Thursday's African Egg....

It's still out there! Here's your second clue...

"You will find the first clue where East and West meet, a place where history you can greet. This is where you go to add to what you know."

Friday's African Egg Scavenger Hunt Clue...

"At these gates you will find those who cheer for the tide."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's African Egg Scavenger Hunt Clue...

1) Home of Minden's hometown star. Where you can sit and rock the night away.

Look at the next blog post for further details about the African Egg Scavenger Hunt.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

African Egg Scavenger Hunt!!!

Thursday's Egg, Friday's Egg, and Saturday's Egg are three different hunts with five clues for each egg. For each egg you will provided with the first clue which will lead to the four other clues. Each egg is worth $50.
The eggs are painted in an African style.
Where you can find the first clue:
The clues will be available HERE(starting on Thursday), the facebook fanpage (if you aren't all ready a fan just search cultural crossroads of Minden, INC ), on the KASO radio trading post, and on the Minden Chamber of Commerce announcement board. Participants will have until Saturday to find the eggs.

The first clue for Thursday's egg will be revealed tomorrow morning.
Friday morning you will be provided with a different clue leading you to Friday's egg.
Saturday's egg hunt will be conducted at The Farm during the Spring Arts Festival. All clues and information for Saturday's egg will be on hand at The Farm on Saturday.
Bring pen and paper to write the clues down and be sure to leave the clues for fellow hunters.

If you find an egg before Saturday or have any questions please call Tammy at 318-773-4497 or email her at

Everyone get ready to search for two African Eggs worth $50.00 is yours to pursue and win.
Only one can you claim as your own.
In Minden or Webster Parish you'll search high and low.
The history of Minden and Cultural Crossroads you will need to know.
Don't dig, cut, or damage
'Cause it's not necessary to find the clues that will lead you to the eggs.
Write down the clue on your own clue book
and leave the clues where you find them for your fellow hunters to look.

Support Chimp Haven at the Spring Arts Festival

Representative from Chimp Haven will be here Saturday for the Festival.
No chimps but chimp's artwork. And any adult bringing snacks to donate to Chimp Haven will get in free Saturday.

Here is a list of some items people could bring to donate for the chimpanzees:
Peanut butter
Sugar free jell-0 & juice mix
Low sugar cereals
Animal crackers
Stuffed animals
Long handled plastic spoons
Board books

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

It Takes A Village...

It took a village to see the needs of a small arts organization based in Minden. Cultural Crossroads has been trying to develop a four acre piece of property as a destination point for Minden for nearly a decade now. Fondly known as just ‘The Farm’ to many of the locals, this little corner of East Union and Talton will soon see much needed public restroom facilities. Home to two outdoor festivals and numerous cultural programs, The Farm will now be available to rent to the public for other outdoor venues including church and family reunions, birthday parties and the like. The board of Cultural Crossroads has been aggressively seeking ways to become self sustaining. They’re hopeful that this new facility and the ability to rent the Farm will help provide additional funding to operate their growing enterprise.

“We have many people to thank beginning with the Webster Parish police jury, the Webster Parish Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the city of Minden and Ates Construction of Bernice,” states Chris Broussard, co-founder and chairman of the board of Cultural Crossroads. “This has been the single largest collaboration of public and private entities in our seventeen years of existenceBroussard adds. The all -volunteer arts agency has been raising the funds for the restroom facilities for some time. Thanks to a recent capital grant from the parish’s office of tourism and a generous in-kind gesture from Ates Construction, the group will finally see their hard work pay off.

The four acre historic homestead was once the home of Frederick Moess and his decendents. The modest four room house painted in the colors of childhood stands as a reminder to all that pass that this place was meant for children. It was donated to Cultural Crossroads in 1999 by the late Zenobia West, co-founder of Cultural Crossroads. Since that time, the property has seen many improvements. Last year a 2,000 square foot barn was built for much needed storage. A 1,600 square foot pavilion was built on the corner of the property a few years ago and as of last year now serves as the venue for the annual Farmers Market. Set to open this May, the pavilion will house the many vendors offering up their homegrown vegetables and anything else handmade, homemade or homespun. Cultural Crossroads is governed by a 24 member board of directors who meet monthly. They receive support from the Webster Parish Police Jury and regularly author state and federal grants for arts programming. Their single largest event is their annual Spring Arts Festival set for April 22-24. And if all goes well with the construction, the hundreds of children and their families that attend each year will be able to enjoy the festivities in a brand new way…with public restrooms. To learn more about this organization or the donate to their most worthy cause, visit their website at or write to them at P.O. Box 1393, Minden, Louisiana, 71058. Cultural Crossroads is a 501©3 tax exempt organization with 100% of all donations going to projects and programs.