Wednesday, April 21, 2010

African Egg Scavenger Hunt!!!

Thursday's Egg, Friday's Egg, and Saturday's Egg are three different hunts with five clues for each egg. For each egg you will provided with the first clue which will lead to the four other clues. Each egg is worth $50.
The eggs are painted in an African style.
Where you can find the first clue:
The clues will be available HERE(starting on Thursday), the facebook fanpage (if you aren't all ready a fan just search cultural crossroads of Minden, INC ), on the KASO radio trading post, and on the Minden Chamber of Commerce announcement board. Participants will have until Saturday to find the eggs.

The first clue for Thursday's egg will be revealed tomorrow morning.
Friday morning you will be provided with a different clue leading you to Friday's egg.
Saturday's egg hunt will be conducted at The Farm during the Spring Arts Festival. All clues and information for Saturday's egg will be on hand at The Farm on Saturday.
Bring pen and paper to write the clues down and be sure to leave the clues for fellow hunters.

If you find an egg before Saturday or have any questions please call Tammy at 318-773-4497 or email her at

Everyone get ready to search for two African Eggs worth $50.00 is yours to pursue and win.
Only one can you claim as your own.
In Minden or Webster Parish you'll search high and low.
The history of Minden and Cultural Crossroads you will need to know.
Don't dig, cut, or damage
'Cause it's not necessary to find the clues that will lead you to the eggs.
Write down the clue on your own clue book
and leave the clues where you find them for your fellow hunters to look.

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