Thursday, March 27, 2014

The BIG DAY is getting closer!

Anyone can make The Farm park of their civic work or charity...

Alex Montegna of Haughton earned his Eagle Badge the year he chose The Farm of Cultural Crossroads for his project. He spent the month of August with his band of faithful volunteers and Scout leaders to install our beautiful white vinyl fence around The Farm. So, when you visit The Farm, be sure to notice the beautiful white fence and know that a young community servant did it! So many wonderful and giving people have left 'their mark' at the Farm. Have you? — with Alexander Montegna.


Thousands of children were exposed to the arts when they visited the annual Spring Arts Festival on 'Kids Day on the Farm.' We hope that those children will come back and help us celebrate our 20th Birthday on Saturday, April 26th at The Farm of Cultural Crossroads

Lots of help along the way has made The Farm what it is today...

Lots of good people have helped us over the years. Our barn raising was one of those special events....thanks to Br. Mike Marsters. Our little red barn that now serves as a background for The Farm of Cultural Crossroads was built because people cared. A grant from Conoco-Phillips provided the red paint and the labor to paint it! We are so grateful to all who see the value of this little four acre plot of land.

In case you didn't know -- WE HAVE NICE RESTROOMS!!

We added a feature to our Farm three years ago that dramatically affected the success of our Spring Arts Festival. Paid for with some tourism money, grant money and donated funds.....we opened our public restrooms. We thank our Webster Parish Tourism Commission for recognizing the need to help us build our beautiful public restrooms. I know that's not a highly publicized feature....but for all the portapotty haters out was a huge deal for us! ...just a little moment in our 20 years history.

FREE Wifi at The Farm!!!

FREE WIFI ZONE at The Farm of Cultural Crossroads--Beginning in April, you'll be able to visit the Farm and sit under the shade of the big pecan trees and access your internet. We are so excited about being about to offer this at The Farm. I know our Farmers Market Vendors are going to love this! More details to be revealed!

BIG Chicken Stock Ad Preview...

If you'd like to see the large ad that we ran in the Minute Magazine, click on the picture!

ARTS on 80 -- Zenobia's Dream Coming Up Soon!

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, April 25th at The Farm for "ARTS ON 80 --Zenobia's Dream" A benefit for the Arts. We'll have a silent and live auction. Live Music. Great local cuisine. ..... And 25% of the proceeds from each piece of original art donated by the artist will go back to the artist. Patrons for the arts--put us on your calendar. And artists---put us on your 'to do' list.