Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rosie Thornton's Passing

(photo by Neil Johnson)

We respectfully morn the passing of one of our Elders from Greatest Generation!
January 6, 1906 – December 18, 2009

Synopsis of The Thornton Sisters

(Rosie, Maggie, and Carrie Thornton)


Nick name: (Aunt) "Sugar"

Maggie Mae Renfo Thornton was born on November 14, 1894 according to the U.S. census but if you ask her, she was born in November of 1895. She is of African/American decent. She finished the 8th grade and went on to become a commercial and private cook. She was born in Athens, Louisiana, Claiborne Parish to Dellie and Wylie Thornton, Sr. She was the 4th of 11 children. Maggie Mae left home at the age of 19 to become a cook. She joined a crew that traveled the south earning money to buy her own truck and transporting works to job sites in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Maggie married Rudy Renfro in Texas. They had no biological children but Maggie adopted her niece, Mattie when she was only 9 months old. Maggie was 35 when the stock market crashed. Maggie is the oldest living person in Louisiana, the 5th oldest person in the United States and the 7th

oldest person in the world.


Nick name: (Aunt) "Noonie"

Carrie Lee Miller Thornton was born on April 9, 1902. She is of African/American decent. She finished the 8th grade and went on to become a sharecropper with her husband and later in life worked as a housekeeper in private homes. She was born in Athens, Louisiana, Claiborne Parish to Dellie and Wylie Thornton, Sr. Carrie married at the age of 16 to Arthur Miller who is now deceased. Carrie moved to Minden in the late 40’s and early 50’s. She had one son, Milton Miller, who is also deceased. Carrie was 27 when the stock market crashed.


Nick name: (Aunt) "Squate"

Rosie Lee Warren Thornton was born on January 6, 1906. She is of African/American decent. She finished the 8th grade and went on to become a sharecropper and also worked in private homes. She was born in Athens, Louisiana, Claiborne Parish to Dellie and Wylie Thornton, Sr. Rosie married Tom Warren who is now deceased. They had seven children. Two are deceased, Bertha Capers and L.C. Taylor. Her other children are Retha Brown, Lovie Warren, Ella Warren, Lillie Phenix and Eddie Warren. Rosie moved to Minden in 1953. Rosie was 23 when the stock market crashed.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Art Show & SALE: The Chris Broussard Collection

Come see and have the opportunity to purchase the many wonderful works of art by Chris Broussard. Join us
Friday, December 4th at 5:30pm at Easley Fine Art & Photography on Main St. Works featured will be art from the past and works that have been more recently produced.

100% of the proceeds will go to the arts to directly benefit our children and our community through the efforts of Cultural Crossroads. Support Your Future!

Drinks and fine food will be featured. So come and know that your purchases will come back to you seven-fold through the hard work of Cultural Crossroads.

Chris Broussard is a co-founder of Cultural Crossroads and founder of Webster Parish's first after school enrichment center. She taught children's art for more than 22 years and is currently the art enrichment teacher for Glenbrook School. Chris received the Governor's Award for "Promotion of the Arts in Louisiana" for 2006 and received the "Blue Cross Blue Shield Angel Award" for Louisiana in 2008.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thornton Sisters Receive Handmade Quilts

During the celebration on Sunday, November 8th, the Thornton Sisters were given handmade quilts by the Quilting Queens ( The quilts were made by Rita Gray, Virginia Watson, and Levada Mitchell.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thornton Sisters Celebration

Over 400 family members, friends, neighbors, dignitaries and elected officials gathered Sunday afternoon to celebrate the lives of three
incredible women, The Thornton Sisters. Their combined 324 years of history have earned them the distinction of being the oldest African American siblings in the nation and Maggie Thornton Renfro is the oldest African American in the nation. Guiness World Book authorities were present to congratulate the sisters on their historic accomplishment.

Cultural Crossroads coordinated the historic event that was marked by a community photograph of everyone present. The historic photograph will be presented to the Dorcheat Museum in Minden.

Pictured here are the three Thornton sisters, their daughters and close family friends.
Rosie Thornton, age 104; Carrie Thornton, age 107 and Maggie Thornton. age 114.
Maggie Thornton Renfro will be 115 on Saturday, November 14, 2009.

Secretary of State Jay Dardenne has proclaimed Saturday, November 14th, 2009
Maggie Thornton Renfro Day in Louisiana.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Moon Over Minden Pictures Are Here!

Click on over to the Cultural Crossroads site to the Photo Gallery and enjoy the pictures from last weekend. Go to

Friday, October 30, 2009

Moon Over Minden: SATURDAY ONLY

We regret to have to cancel Moon Over Minden festivities for FRIDAY NIGHT ONLY! We will open the gates at 8pm Saturday night for the Haunted Garden & Haunted House Tour. Admission $8 per person.
Unfortunately the Haunted Hayride feature had to be cancelled altogether. The grounds are simply too wet. Parking available at Save Alot for Saturday night.
We send our best to those families that are having to deal with flooding issues and clean up after the tornadic conditions we've been experiencing.
For more info, call Chris Broussard at 393-5991.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Arts In Education Residency

Beginning September 14, students will begin reading abridged versions of The Grapes of Wrath and working on lessons that bring the book to life through imaginary "Letters From Home" about the people who were put to work through the WPA, the CCC, and other New Deal initiatives in North Louisiana.

Hear from some teachers already engaged in the program:
Webster Jr. High-Malinda Beardon:
"Today we listened to the interview with the three Thornton sisters (ranging in age from 105 to 115 and interviewed over the summer by Chris Broussard) from Webster parish. The Thornton sisters held their attention. My kids were disappointed when the bell rang for lunch! They loved it!"

Glenbrook School-Lyn Stubbs:
"Tomorow we will begin reviewing the Great Depression with our 8th graders. Another teacher (Leigh Ann Pruitt) found great Jeopardy games on Power Point, which they'll play after I review the Great Depression with them. Tuesday we'll talk about the Hobo symbols and have the students pick out their favorite one and write why they chose it. Thursday and Friday we'll probably watch the American Girl movie, which takes place during the Great Depression."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Social Innovators Institute

Seen above is a picture of Cultural Crossroads of Minden, Inc. (members from Left: Charles Odom-Webster Parish Police Juror; Jean Doerge-State Representative, District 10; Jennifer Reynolds-Webster Parish Sheriff's Department; Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu; Chris Broussard-Cultural Crossroads Chairman of the Board; Benjamin Martin-Pastor, St. Rest Baptist Church of Minden, Inc.) in attendance at the first Social Innovators Institute as one of the top finalists in a grant competition of the Louisiana Office of Social Entrepreneurship, a division of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Commemorating the Great Depression and the New Deal Era in North Louisiana.
This year's event is a cooperative effort between Cultural Crossroads of Minden, Minden Main Street, Dorcheat Historical Society, the Minden Community Chorus, Minden's Historic Residential District and a host of businesses, schools and municipalities in conjunction with 21 other parishes in the largest cultural event in North Louisiana history. Below you can find the schedule of events for both Cultural Crossroads and Downtown Minden, LA.

Triumph Over Tragedy: Cultural Crossroads Schedule of Events:

Saturday, October 3rd: at “The Farm” 417 East Union in Minden:
Turning on the Lights: “Moon Over Minden” fright light display will light up the corner of East Union and Talton during the month of October. Drive down historic Hwy 80 just blocks from downtown Minden and enjoy the spectacular display of lights.

Saturday, October 10th: Webster Parish Library Main Branch
“Celebrating Our Elders”— pictorial exhibition at the main branch of the Webster Parish Library will honor three Centenarians residing in Minden. A special pictorial history created by Cultural Crossroads will showcase the lives of the Thornton sisters. Maggie Thornton Renfro will be 115 in November. As the oldest person in Louisiana, the 5th oldest in the nation and the 7th oldest in the world her life will be celebrated alongside her three sister, Carrie and Rosie Thornton. FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

Friday & Saturday, October 30 and 31st: at “The Farm” 417 East Union in Minden……8pm-until
Cultural Crossroads presents: “Moon Over Minden” Harvest Festival Cultural Crossroads presents their annual celebration of Halloween with a new twist. The two day outdoor festival will include ghosts from the Great Depression era including Bonnie and Clyde and Webster Parish’s most famous ghost, Sallie Baker. producing “Sallie Baker’s Carnival” is a two day outdoor harvest festival and a project of Triumph Over Tragedy. Built during the Great Depression, the organization’s historic farm house and adjoining four acres will be transformed to a time when traveling freak shows were entertainment and gangsters were immortalized. Minden’s annual “Moon Over Minden” Harvest festival will include a haunted hayride and haunted house and garden tour featuring Webster Parish’s most famous ghost, Sallie Baker. The Farm House built in 1933 will be open to the public for the first time in nearly a half of a century.
ADMISSION: $8 per person for the Haunted Hayride and $8 per person for the Haunted House and Garden Tour or $15 for both. Children under 3 will be not be allowed to enter.

Triumph Over Tragedy: Downtown Minden, LA Schedule of Events

Friday & Saturday, November 6th and 7th: Downtown Minden
“Main to Main” Sponsored by Main Street communities across the state, this annual event offers miles and miles of roadside vendors stretching across the state and in Webster Parish from Minden to Springhill. Downtown Minden will include reenactments commemorating the Great Depression from a bank robbery by the infamous Bonnie & Clyde to soup kitchens and special window displays and public art exhibits up and down Main Street.

“WPA Art Exhibit” at Easley Fine Art & Photography Gallery
on Main Street. Original WPA works on display along with a variety of artwork contributed by area professional artists commemorating the Great Depression. Free exhibit. Donated works will be auctioned off with all proceeds to benefit the arts in Minden. 511 Main Street. OPEN: Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm. Extended gallery hours for special occasions.

“Dorcheat Museum” “Tornado of 1933 exhibit” Downtown Minden suffered through hard times when the banks failed, the tornado tore up half the town and a fire burned the other half in 1933. OPEN: Tues.-Fri. 10am-1pm;2pm-4pm Sat. 10am-12N Also open by appointment. Adults $4. Children $2. ½ price for groups of 10 or more. For more info, log onto or call 318 423 0192.

“Public Art in the Alley” The launching of one of the largest and most extensive outdoor exhibitions of art by local artists will go on display during the month of November.

“Tours of Historic Downtown Minden”
sponsored by the Historic Residential District, festival goers can catch a free ride and hear the fascinating stories about the people, places and events that make Minden so unique.

“Marathon on Broadway” Dance at the Minden Civic Center on Broadway Street. Sponsored by the Dorcheat Museum. $25 per person. Pre-registration $20 per person. Dancing begins at 5:00pm and ends Saturday at 4:30pm. Reminiscent of the Great Depression dance marathons and the subject of the movie “They Shoot Horses Don’t They?” this dance marathon will reward endurance with a $1,000 cash prize to the last couple standing. All proceeds will support the Dorcheat Museum. For more info, log onto or call 318 423 0192.

Saturday, November 7th: Christopher’s Downtown Minden
“Soup Kitchen and Children’s Art Exhibit” at Christopher’s, 615 Main Street. Start the day early with an early morning breakfast reminiscent of the depression era and come back for lunch. Special art exhibition of children’s work depicting the Great Depression Era will also be on display. Co sponsored by Cultural Crossroads and Minden Main Street. Breakfast and lunch only. Dine inside or on the sidewalk.

Saturday, November 7th: Minden Civic Center….7:00pm
Cultural Crossroads presents a Mahogany Theatre Ensemble production of “Steal Away.” “Triumph Over Tragedy” in Minden will be commemorated with live theatre and a dining experience reminiscent of the 1930’s. Mahogany Theatre Ensemble is producing “Steal Away” a project of Triumph Over Tragedy, set in the Great Depression. This light-hearted, outrageous comedy set in Chicago during the 1930’s will be presented dinner theatre style. This play is about five upstanding church ladies who raise funds to send young black Women to college by holding bake sales, selling church suppers, and the like. To increase the number of scholarships, during the Depression era, the women come up with a new idea to raise the money by robbing banks. This evening of live theatre will follow a boarding house style meal reminiscent of Happy Turners boarding house of the 1930’s in Minden when dining at Happy’s place always included ‘passing the peas.’ TICKETS $25.00 each. All proceeds will benefit the arts.
For Tickets call 393 5991 or email reservations to

Saturday, November 7th: 10am-4pm First United Methodist Church
“Artisans Fair: Sponsored by the Chancel Guild of First Methodist Church of Minden located at 903 Broadway Street in Minden. This indoor art, crafts and gift show is in honor of the more than 5,000 artisans who left behind more than 225,000 works of art created during the Great Depression and New Deal Era. It is this legacy of the thousands of workers who labored at their craft for little money but great pride which we have to inspire us today. For more information, contact Helen Hinton at 318 377 8097 or Cora Lou Robinson at 318 377 4371 or the church office at 377-1483 Open 10am-4pm in the activities building. Admission is Free.

Saturday, November 7th: The Children’s Center
“The Children’s Center American Doll Tea Party & Convention” Saturday afternoon, children of all ages are invited to dress up and bring their doll to a special tea party. For more info, call Julie Vogel at 377-0319.

Sunday, November 8th : 2:00pm Minden Civic Center
“Centenarians Celebrated” Maggie Thornton Renfro will turn 115 in November. As the oldest resident of Louisiana, the 5th oldest citizen of the United States and the 7th oldest person in the world, Cultural Crossroads and State Representative Jean Doerge will honor her life and that of her two sisters, Carrie Thornton who is 107 and Rosie Thornton who is 103. This special birthday party reserved for family, friends, corporate sponsors and distinguished guests will conclude Minden’s contribution to the North Louisiana commemoration of the Great Depression known as “Triumph Over Tragedy.” Special musical entertainment will be provided by the Minden Community Chorus under the direction of Dr. Dan Gibbs. By Invitation only!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ART FROM ASHES -- SRAC needs your help

The Shreveport Regional Arts Council lost everything in an early Tuesday morning fire. The organization is in need of several things including: OFFICE SUPPLY GIFT CARDS, LEGAL PADS, COMPUTER PAPER, PAPER CLIPS, INK PENS, STICKY NOTES, MARKERS, DRY ERASE BOARDS, STAPLERS/STAPLES, COFFEE POT, COMPUTER DESK, AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN IMAGINE!

To make a financial donation you can go to Chase Bank in care of "SRAC FIRE FUND."

SRAC will continue to provide the same quality of arts and community support that you have come to expect from the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. While we are putting things back together you can get updates on our status by going to our website -

For immediate assistance you can reach us at Artspace on Texas St., (318) 673-6535. We hope to have our phones on very soon at (318) 673-6500. You can also send an e-mail to Julia Foley, SRAC marketing director, at to learn more.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pumpkins Anyone?

These hand stitched pumpkins by Trevillion’s Treasures will make you wish Fall was here!!

Our Farmers Market at the Farm is still up and running. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday vendors from the area are supplying a multitude of homemade, homegrown and handmade items. You’ll find everything from handmade confectionaries by Mary Chreene, farm fresh eggs and home baked goodies from Gwen Moody, fresh produce, pickles, jams and jellies from Pam Brunson, homemade salsa from Monica Allison, homemade whole wheat bread from Carolyn McLemore and homemade tamales by Ada Shyne.

Our vendors have agreed to stay on all the way up to Christmas. So, if you’re looking for locally grown produce or handmade items, visit our Farmers Market.

Farmers Market
417 East Union
“Where we grow culture”

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The community responded overwhelmingly to our Farmers Market

Held every other Saturday, our Farmers Market at the Farm has seen hundreds come out for the first time market featuring home grown veggies and goods by farmers, gardeners and artisans from the area. Now that it’s gotten hotter and the gardens are slowing down, we don’t want to people to do the same. We continue to attract new vendors with new goods to sell such as Gwen Monday who brought farm fresh eggs to the market to sell…..30 for $1.00. What a bargain!

And Monica Allison and her son Garrett came with her new line of “Hot Mama Salsa.” And Earnest Rayner brought loads of beautiful tomatoes for sale after he sold out at the previous market with his purple hull peas and fresh picked corn on the cob. And Ada Shyne and her husband Greg are always there serving up delicious fried fish dinner plates to eat there or to go.

Our farmers are talking about planting a fall garden so they can supply the market with greens, cabbage and other fall and winter crops. Let us know if there’s something special you’d like to see at the Market. Email our market manager at with your ideas and suggestions.

It is obvious that Minden wants and will support a Farmers Market but we need to keep the momentum going. So, if you haven’t been to the Farmers Market lately, give us another look. We’ll be here every first and third Saturday from 9am until 1pm until the end of September. Support the farmers! Support the Farm! and Support the arts! It’s all for a great cause and healthy purpose!

Summer Art Camp --- A Success!

This year’s art camp for kids was just the best!

Kids from across the parish came to experience a week of intense visual art instruction at Christopher’s in downtown Minden.

Local artist and art teacher Chris Broussard instructed the students in the creation of individual art pieces from collages to canvas paintings.

Twenty four students ranging in ages from 7 to 15 worked on a variety of visual art projects including a special project commemorating the Greatest Generation and the Great Depression. The completed works of these young students will become part of an art exhibit scheduled for this fall. The exhibit will be part of a twenty one parish commemoration of the Great Depression and New Deal era, “Triumph from Tragedy.”

Cultural Crossroads has been sponsoring a summer art camp for kids for over a decade. The art camp is usually held outdoors at the Farm but the later date and high temperatures brought the camp to downtown, thanks to Pattie and Charlie Odom who graciously opened their building to Cultural Crossroads and the kids of Minden.

Continue to check our blog for updates on the fall exhibition and more info about the Great Depression commemoration scheduled for October and November, 2009.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Angela Gamble & Cathy Emmons Art Show July 10th

Join everyone at Easley Fine Art Friday, July 10th at 5:00. Live Music & Hors D’oeuvres. 511 Main Street in downtown Minden.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Annual Summer Art Camp for Kids!

July 13-17 from 9am-12n at Christopher's on Main in Minden.

Some amazing artists will be lined up to help bring some really cool art projects to kids ages 8 and up. If anyone is interested, email or call (318) 393-5991 to reserve a spot. Limited enrollment on a first-come, first served basis. $100 first child; ($175.00 for two children and $225.00 for three). Class fee includes all art supplies. Checks payable to Cultural Crossroads are due in advance of the class. You can mail them to Cultural Crossroads, P.O. Box 1393, Minden, LA 71058. All proceeds go to "The Farm".

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Farmer's Market Dates & New Hours

Come by every other Saturday from 9am to 1pm
at the corner of E. Union and Talton St. in Minden.

Upcoming dates are:
June 20th
July 4th
July 18th
August 1st
August 15th
August 29th
September 12th
September 26th

Check the blog periodically for updates.

Monday, June 8, 2009

TRIUMPH FROM TRAGEDY: Commemorating The Great Depression and New Deal Era in North Louisiana

Volunteers and board members of Cultural Crossroads are currently working on a special event for a 21 parish commemoration of the Great Depression. Special events marking that time in our country’s history will be held during the months of October, November and December.

We’re looking for someone who would be willing to impersonate the famous folk singer Woody Guthrie. And we’re looking for someone who could impersonate the famous Hubbie “Lead Belly” Leadbetter. Both guys were friends during the Great Depression. A musical concert spotlighting the music of both of these men would make an awesome event. So, help us make this happen. If you know a musician or musicians that you think could help us pull this off, give us a call at 393 5991.

Woody Guthrie is best known as an American singer-songwriter and folk musician, whose musical legacy includes hundreds of political, traditional and children’s songs, ballads and improvised work. He frequently performed with the slogan “This Machine Kills Fascists” displayed on his guitar. His best known song is “This Land is Your Land,” which is regularly sung in American and Canadian schools.

Guthrie traveled with migrant workers from Oklahoma to California and learned traditional folk and blues songs. Many of his songs are about his experiences in the Dust Bowl era during the Great Depression, earning him the nickname the “Dust Bowl Troubadour.” Guthrie served as a figurehead in the folk movement, providing inspiration to a generation of new folk musicians, including Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Bob Dylan.

Woody Guthrie was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 1997.

Woodrow Wilson “Woody” Guthrie (July 14, 1912-October 3, 1967)

Volunteers Sought For The Great Depression Committee

If you’re a history buff or just someone looking to spend some of your spare time on a great project, we could use your help. We’ll be working on a collection of events to commemorate the Great Depression and New Deal era at the Farm and in downtown Minden. We’d love any ideas and help we can get from the public. If you’re interested in helping us, please call Chris Broussard at (318)393-5991. This special commemoration will also be held in twenty other parishes in North Louisiana during the months of October, November and December.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Upcoming Farmer's Market Details....

Click on the image above to print this information out.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Farmer's Market Just Around the Corner!

The Farmer's Market is going to be every other Saturday beginning June 6th from 10am-2pm. Vendors can call Julie Vogel at (318) 286 9472 to rent space.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our local children make the best models!

Cultural Crossroads has found the perfect models to promote their various cultural events including the recent Spring Arts Festival. Children and grandchildren of board members were used this year to help celebrate the festival’s Egyptian theme. “We’ve enjoyed being able to give some notoriety to our own community children,” states Julie Vogel, president. Some of these kids were present at the recent ‘authors and actors’ night at the festival offering up opportunities for their autograph. Roman Holliday was one who appeared in the recent feature film written and acted by children during a film camp held at the Farm. And Roman Holliday was one of the models used in last year’s “Discover China” promotional material. He say’s you can have his autograph…but it’ll cost ya!

Farmer's Market Coming Soon!

Beginning on June 6th, they'll be some fresh goodies to be had at the corner of East Union and Talton St. in Minden under the big pavilion. Booth spaces are for rent to farmers. Expect to see arts, crafts and antique dealers. Call Ejay Colvin at 318-518-4176 or visit for more info in the future.

Spring Arts 2009 Talent Search Winners

High School Winners:
1st Place: Regina Bennett-Minden High
2nd Place: Paxton Britt-Shongaloo High
3rd Place (tie): Derek Rice-Minden High
3rd Place (tie): Bria Wiese-Sarepta High
Honorable Mention: Disturbed by Silence-Springhill High

Middle School Winners:
1st Place: Madison Couch, Abby Reynolds-Central Middle
2nd Place: Will Phillips-Glenbrook
3rd Place: Kelly McFarland-Doyline Middle
Honorable Mention: Collin Jenkins-Shongaloo Jr. High

Elementary School Winners:
1st Place: Destiny Moore-Central Elementary
2nd Place (tie): Jordan Lary, Madison Couch, Hannah Heflin, Abby Reynolds, Alex Reynolds -Central Elementary
2nd Place (tie): James Dickinson-Union Elementary
3rd Place: Kenzie Ellington-Harper Elementary
Honorable Mention: Madeline Bethea

Spring Arts 2009 Art, Poetry & Craft Winners for K-12


Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Mackenzie White – Shongaloo
2nd – Riley Olivier - Richardson
3rd – Chris Batton - Stewart
Hon. Mention –Timerial Hawkins - Richardson

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Trey Qualls - Richardson
2nd – Rebekah Frazier – Easter Azalea – Andrew Christian Academy
3rd – Sierra Ramsey – Apples - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Levi Schumacher – Mega-Burger Man - Homeschool

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Jaelon Davis – Radiant Pharoah - Webster
2nd – Maty Oller – Meow - Webster
3rd – Peyton Allen - Springhill
Hon. Mention – Alexandria Bridges - Springhill

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Walker Adams - Springhill
2nd – Brandi Simms - Springhill
*Best in Show: Trey Qualls, Richardson

Paintings: Still Life

Ages 5 and under:
1st – Rohan Singh – Firetruck – Singh Homeschool

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Dylan Dickenson – Vase with Flowers - Union
2nd – Dallas Edwards - Apples - Glenbrook
3rd – Zachery Yerd - Union
Hon. Mention – Sebastian Watson - Union

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Autumn Graves – Cabbage - Richardson
2nd – Kennedy Preziosi – Sunflower - Harper
3rd – Audry Jennings – Me in Egyptian Style - Sarepta
Hon. Mention – Sabrina Thomas – Lady Bug - Stewart

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Leace Poe – The Dance of the Egyptian - Springhill

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Bradley Morgan – Ducks - Sarepta
2nd – Ashley Luckett – Still life - Springhill
3rd – Denico Robinson – Louisiana - Springhill
Hon. Mention – Bradley Morgan – Raleway - Sarepta

*Best in Show: Autumn Graves – Cabbage, Richardson

Paintings: Portraits & Animals

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Juliet Moorman – Horse of Joy - Harper
2nd – Sarah Fuller – Sarah-Boo - Homeschool
3rd – Aaron Fuller – Sadness - Homeschool
Hon. Mention – Jay Fuller – Dino Night - Homeschool

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Laura Frazier – Little Ballerina – Andrew Christian Academy
2nd – Bobby Moorman – Chick-A-Doodle Do Morning - Harper
3rd – Jasmine Wallace - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Catherine Frazier – The Performance – Andrew Christian Academy

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Rebekah Frazier – Little Irish Girl – Andrew Christian Academy
2nd – Dorian Scoggins – Webster
3rd – Cherry Berola - Shongaloo
Hon. Mention – Melody Hanson – Pop Style – Cotton Valley

Ages 15 – 18
1st – J’Darius Moore - Webster
2nd – Alexa Brophy - Webster
3rd – Tori Christian – The More Things Change - Shongaloo
Hon. Mention – J’Darius Moore – Webster

*Best in Show: Laura Frazier – The Little Ballerina, Andrew Christian Academy

Paintings: Landscape

Ages 5 and under:
1st – Jacob Schumacher – Winter Morning - Homeschool
2nd – Eden Croad – Yellow & Blue Make Green – Little Blessings
3rd – Makenzie Eskew - Richardson

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Erin Lee - Richardson
2nd – Makayla Booth - Glenbrook
3rd – Drake Roten - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Cristalyn McDaniel - Glenbrook

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Arielle Gathright - Harper
2nd – Autumn Graves - Richardson
3rd – Laken Lee - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Sabrina Thomas - Stewart

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Mattavious Warthan – On the Pond - Springhill
2nd – Ashley Luckett – Artist at work - Springhill
3rd – Ashley Lucket – Louisiana Dreams - Springhill
Hon. Mention – no entry

*Best in Show: Arielle Gathright – Rooster, Harper

Pencil & Crayon

Ages 5 and under:
1st – Adriana Downs – Brown
2nd – Jacob Schumacher – Sunny Tornado - Homeschool

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Chris Batton - Stewart
2nd – Justin Richardson – Rooster - Richardson
3rd – Jesse Schumacher – Twister Turner - Homeschool
Hon. Mention – Mackenzie White – Theme - Shongaloo

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Dixie Smith - Glenbrook
2nd – Laken Lee - Richardson
3rd – Brittany Manzanares – Swampy Life - Stewart
Hon. Mention – Jacie Brent - Shongaloo

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Dorian Scroggins - Webster
2nd – Tori Schumacher - Homeschool
3rd – Paige Teague - Springhill
Hon. Mention – Jennifer Kirkpatrick - Shongaloo

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Miranda Anderson - Webster
2nd – Ashunti Wortham - Springhill
3rd – Amanda Thurman - Springill
Hon. Mention – Dakat Mouser - Shongaloo

*Best in Show: Dorian Scroggins, Webster Jr. Hi.


Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Makenzie White - Pyramid - Shongaloo
2nd – James & Dylan Dickenson – Egg Plant - Union

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Rico Gonzales – King Tut - Brown
2nd – Tashira Bankhead – Mardi Gras - Springill
3rd – Leela Caswell - Brown
Hon. Mention – Kentaria Thomas - Brown

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Quinton Martin – Stained Glass - Glenbrook
2nd – Gage Daniels – Obelisk – Webster
3rd – Marshall Frye – Wood Map - Webster
Hon. Mention –

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Archie Pippen & David Thompson - Metal Egret - Glenbrook

*Best in Show: Archie Pippen & David Thompson - Metal Egret, Glenbrook


Ages 5 and under:
1st – Eden Croad – “Yellow and Blue make Green #2” – Little Blessings

Ages 6 – 8:
1st – Sebastian Watson - Union
2nd – Jake Watson - Union
3rd – Mathew Estes - Union
Hon. Mention – Alyssah Sites - Union

Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Michael Cannon – The Back Street Homeschool
2nd – Emily Long - Doyline
3rd – Peyton Lilly - Richardson
Hon. Mention – Elisah List - Brown

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Thomas Booth - Homeschool
2nd – Tabath Blocker - Webster
3rd – Octavia Thomus - Springhill
Hon. Mention – no entry

*Best in Show: Michael Cannon, The Back Street Homeschool


Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Laura Frazier – Andrew Christian Academy
2nd – Catherine Frazier – Andrew Christian Academy
3rd – Marjorie Bailey - Central
Hon. Mention – Laura Frazier – Andrew Christian Academy

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Cherry Berula - Shongaloo

*Best in Show: Cherry Berula, Shongaloo


Ages 9 – 11:
1st – James Dickinson – “Why Do Chickens Have to Die?” - Union
2nd – Abby Reynolds – “Green” - Central
3rd – Jason Barton – “Tony Stewart” - Richardson
Hon. Mention – DyNiecea Jefferson - Brown

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Rebekah Frazier – “Where I Go” – Andrew Christian Academy
2nd – Rebekah Frazier – “New Season” – Andrew Christian Academy
3rd – Shardonnay Brantley – “I Am” - Brown
Hon. Mention – Rebekah Frazier – “Cat-Dog ” – Andrew Christian Academy

Ages 15 – 18
1st – Melonie Slack – “Typical” - Sarepta
2nd – Michael Hammons – “For What Its Worth” – Minden High
3rd – Jay Frazier – “The Hermit” – Andrew Christian Academy
Hon. Mention – Michael Hammons – “Believe” – Minden High

*Best in Show: James Sidney Dickenson – “Why Do Chickens Have to Die?” Union Elementary


Ages 9 – 11:
1st – Rico Gonzalez - Brown
2nd – Majorie Bailey - Central
3rd – Dylan Francis - Brown
Hon. Mention – Jalon Johnson - Springhill

Ages 12 – 14:
1st – Tori Schumacher - Homeschool
2nd – Nyasha Thompson - Springhill
3rd – Octavia Thomas - Springhill

*Best in Show: Tori Schumacher-Homerschool

Top 3 Egyptian Art Winners:

1. Abby Reynolds – “Untitled” – Central
2. Tori Christian – “The More Things Change” – Shongaloo
3. Rico Gonzalez – “King Tut Mask” - Springhill

A Festival Reunion

The Plaisance family traveled from Kentwood, Louisiana to share in the festivities this past weekend. The Plaisance were one of many displaced families that made a temporary home of Minden after hurricane Katrina. Originally from Chalmette, Glenn and Denise and their daughters Rebecca and Alyse were some of the first to seek assistance from the Northwest Louisiana Hurricane Relief Center housed in the old Walmart building on Homer Road.

They made this area their home for over a year before moving closer to ‘home.’ While the family lived in Claiborne Parish, they became known to many. They were part of Cultural Crossroads “Art on Broadway” event and cooked up some of their famous gumbo for festival goers to enjoy in 2007 at The Spring Arts Festival. ‘It was there way of saying thanks to a community that took them in,’ they said. They returned to Minden during the Spring Arts Festival recently to enjoy the festivities and say ‘hi’ to old friends.

Dedication and Tree Planting

More than 250 third graders from Harper, Richardson, Stewart and Jones were part of a special memorial ceremony at the Farm during the Spring Arts Festival. The children with the help of members of both families set out to plant two trees in honor of their classmates. Jared Adams, a 5th grader at Richardson Elementary and Damon Cosby a second grader at Harper Elementary both died in tragic accidents this past year. In a special memorial service for the two youngsters, families of Jared Adams and Damon Cosby were on hand to help with the tree planting. The two peach trees have been marked with the names of the youngsters. The ceremony was held at Cultural Crossroads four acre Farm. Children from both schools expressed a desire to do something in their honor. The suggestion was taken to heart when organizers for the festival decided to plan the memorial service as a tribute to the two children whose young lives had already touched so many.

Jared Adams had been involved in the 5th grade project “We want to be Authors” held in February. Their newly released book entitled “Believe” was dedicated to the memory of Jared. A copy of the book was presented to the school library and another will be presented to the parish library in the weeks to come.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Glimpses of the 2009 Spring Arts Festival

Hundreds of area children and their families were treated to a rare sight this past Saturday as part of this year’s 15th Spring Arts Festival. An ancient sand script was on display courtesy of the Karpeles Manuscript Museum of Shreveport. The impressive stone carving dating back more than 3,000 years was offered for show as part of “Pharaoh’s Favorites.” Karpeles Manuscript Museum is the world’s largest private holding of important original manuscripts and documents. The Museum is located at 3201 Centenary Blvd. in Shreveport.

Jamie Piggot’s fine arts class at Glenbrook School used some class time to help out with the sets for the recently filmed movie in Minden. The small feature film written and produced by area elementary students called “Pharoah’s Favorites” was shot at the Farm during spring break. The special film camp sponsored by the Robinson Film Center and Cultural Crossroads was part of this year’s 15th annual Spring Arts Festival.

The junior and seniors that make up the fine arts class created the backdrops with the help of local artists Chris Broussard and Larry Milford.

Festival goers were invited Friday, April 24th to the Farm to view the movie on the Farm’s outdoor movie screen. More than 200 people attended the premiere of the movie. The “Lights, Camera, Education” film camp was also funded by a grant from the Community Foundation, the Louisiana Division of the Arts, the La. Dept. of Culture Recreation and Tourism and the Shreveport Arts Council.

This year’s 15th annual festival was a roaring success. More than 2,500 people enjoyed the three day festival that included two days of festivities designed especially for area elementary students. Thursday and Friday more than 500 third and fifth graders spent an entire day on the Farm working side by side with professional artists. Friday night was authors and actors night and more than 200 people came out for a special book signing of the newly released book entitled “Believe.” Written and illustrated by 5th graders from Richardson Elementary School, copies of the soft back book went on sale with all proceeds to benefit future Arts In Education projects.

Chewy the camel roamed the grounds near the fourteen foot pyramid where mounds of sand were dumped just for this special occasion. Hundreds of children found great delight playing in the sand while digging for buried treasurers The four acre Farm was transformed for the weekend in an effort to showcase the rich talent of our parish while celebrating ancient Egypt. Chewy was a guest of the festival thanks to the High Delta Safari Park in West Monroe. Check out their website for upcoming summer camps.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lights, Camera, Learning: Film Camp for Kids!

Starts Monday, April 13th at The Farm

Kids from area elementary schools were awarded scholarships to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. More than 250 third graders from Jones, Harper, Richardson and Stewart Elementary Schools assisted with the storyline of the feature film that will be produced during Film Camp.

The Camp will take place every afternoon from 1pm-5pm, April 13th-17th. Once completed, the movie “Pharaoh’s Favorites” will be shown to the public for the first time on Friday night, April 24th at the Farm on the big outdoor movie screen. Admission is $2 for adults and all students are free!

Movie starts at 8:30pm right after the book signing.

Book written and illustrated by 5th graders to be released during the Spring Arts Festival!

Copies of the newly released “Believe” book written and illustrated by Richardson’s 5th graders will go on sale April 24th. Proceeds from the sale of the book will fund other Arts In Education projects sponsored by Cultural Crossroads.

5th graders from Richardson Elementary school collectively wrote and illustrated the book about a one legged grasshopper named Gary.

The authors of this literary masterpiece will be on hand Friday, April 24th from 7:30pm-8:30pm to present their book and be available for a special book signing event.

This event will have a special meaning as the class reveals that their first ever book will be dedicated in memory of their classmate and fellow author, Jarred Christopher Adams. Jarred passed away March 17th.

Last Chance for Festival Auditions!!!

LAST CHANCE TO AUDITION FOR FESTIVAL is Monday, April 13th from 9am-12N at The Farm.

Organizers for the 15th annual Spring Arts Festival will hold one last open audition for The Great Talent Search. Any Webster parish student K-12 are eligible to showcase their talent. The talent choices can range from anything to stand up comedy to group dances. “We try not to limit the child’s imagination,” states co-chairman, Angelique Feaster.

The annual “Great Talent Search” held in conjunction with the annual arts festival provides a venue for the performing arts. Area children from across the parish have been auditioning during the months of March and April in hopes of being selected to represent their school in the upcoming April 25th competition.

The last chance to audition will take place on Monday, April 13th from 9am-12N at the Farm. Located on the corner of Talton Street and East Union, the Farm is also the site of the annual festival. Anyone interested can simply show up on that day and audition on a first-come, first-served basis or call for a specific time slot. Co-chairpersons Angelique Feaster and Ejay Colvin can answer any questions you may have.. “Whatever the student selects for their audition must be the same performance for the festival,” adds Mrs. Feaster. The Farm is located next to SaveAlot on Highway 80, corner of Talton and East Union.

Ejay Colvin 518-4176
Angelique Feaster 745-2787

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Full Story: 15th Spring Arts Festival Will Celebrate Ancient Egypt.

For the past fifteen years, organizers for Cultural Crossroads’ annual Spring Arts Festival have included the celebration of various cultures both foreign and domestic. This year’s festival will focus on the art and culture of ancient Egypt. “Pharaoh’s Favorites” is the theme for this year’s festival slated for April 23-25th in Minden at ‘the farm.’ Special exhibits and activities will include a maze in search of King Tut’s tomb as well as an archeological dig for Egyptian treasures. And children will be encouraged to come in costume for a special costume contest worth money and prizes.

Youngsters will be encouraged to enter their art and poetry for competition in this area’s largest art show for children ages K-12. Handmade crafts will also be included for competition. Children interested in entering their creations for competition may enter up to three pieces of art, crafts or poetry. There is no entry fee. Ribbons and medals will be awarded the winners in each age division and each category. Nearly 200 children took home ribbons and medals at last year’s festival. All winning entries in art, crafts and poetry will count as valuable points towards the “Most Talented School” award. Entry forms will be available for pick at The Children’s Center beginning March 1st. Julie Vogel is the chairperson for this event and she may be reached at The Children’s Center at 318 377-0319.

The Great Talent Search will once again showcase the talent of parish children in the largest on stage competition in search of the “Most Talented School” and the “Most Talented Student.” Last year Richardson Elementary School took the honors of “Most Talented Elementary School” for the third year in a row. Minden High won “Most Talented High School” while Webster Junior High won “Most Talented Junior High School.” “Richardson Elementary will be the ones to beat,” states festival Chairperson, Chris Broussard. “Richardson Elementary has won more times than any other school in the parish. “They sponsor their own in house talent show prior to the festival and their art entries have always pushed them ahead of other schools. They were treated to special Arts In Education “We want to be Authors” activity this past month as part of their winnings. Their newly published book entitle “Believe” will be released for sale to the public at the festival in April.

Last year’s “Most Talented Student,” Janiece Roberts from Webster Junior High wowed the crowd with her ballet performance while Collin Jenkins from Shongaloo danced his way to a standing ovation and third place honors. First place honors went to another dance group that stunned the crowd with their precision. Abby Reynolds, Madeline Couch, Jordan Lary brought back top honors to Central Elementary School. And Holly Maynard’s second place honors put Harper Elementary School in the running for “Most Talented School.” But it was all the winning art entries that gave Richardson the lead over Harper.

The Great Talent Search will be held all day Saturday, April 25th. Open auditions for the opportunity to be included in the more than 35 performances will take place during the month of March. Details about the competition will be released to every student in Webster Parish later this month. Open auditions are expected to be held in each section of the parish so that every student will have an opportunity to present their talent. Points in the art, poetry and craft division as well as the performing arts division are combined to find the “Most Talented” in our parish. There is no entry fee for any of the various categories. Professional judges from outside the parish are contracted each year to provide fair and impartial results.
Ejay Colvin and Angelique Feaster are co chairing this event and can be reached at 318 518-4176 or 318 745-2787 respectively.

The movie industry has had such an impact on our area that a new program will be introduced to the various elementary schools in the area. Cultural Crossroads and the Robinson Film Center of Shreveport will be partnering to bring “Lights, Camera, Action” to third graders this year. Third graders from area Minden schools will be engaged in the scripting, set design, costumes and the filming of their own movie. They will spend the next several months working on their movie that will debut at this year’s Spring Arts Festival on Friday, April 25th. The movie will be shown on the Farm’s outdoor movie screen.

The Spring Arts Festival is funded in part each year by a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism and the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. For more information about the festival or Cultural Crossroads, visit their website at

Auditions for the Spring Arts Festival Great Talent Search Are Coming Soon...

Cultural Crossroads’ 15th annual festival will once again feature The Great Talent Search on Saturday, April 25th at ‘The Farm’ in Minden. More than 600 students are expected to compete for the coveted title of “Most Talented Student” while one of the parish schools will be named ‘Most Talented School.”

Students K-12 from Minden, Doyline and Sibley schools will be given an opportunity to showcase their talent during open auditions Saturday, March 28th from 9am -12N at Minden High School auditorium.

Students from the Springhill area from elementary through high school will have an audition on Saturday, March 21st from 9am -12n at Browning Elementary.

Three students will be selected from each school to advance to the finals to be held during the festival. Central Elementary will host their own in-house talent show and the winners in their divisions will advance to the festival.

Open audition forms are available on line by logging on to Cultural Crossroads website at Forms will also be delivered to every school in Webster during the next week. However, registration can be made via email or phone. To register your child, call Angelique Feaster at 745-2787 or email or you can call Ejay Colvin at 518-4176 or email Deadline to register is Thursday, March 26th. Performance times for Saturday’s open audition at Minden High School will be assigned prior to Saturday. It is important to remember that the performance selections used for the open audition must be the same for the finals to be held the festival on Saturday, April 25th.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Arts Festival Artist Spotlight -- Lenora Thomas

Be sure to see this artist and their fine artwork at the festival on April 23-25, 2009.

Lenora Thomas will be showcasing and selling her handmade collection of vintage clothes for children at this year’s Spring Arts Festival.

Lenora lives in Magnolia, Arkansas and is a first grade teacher in the Lafayette Country Schools.

A summer at Fashion Center in Honolulu, Hawaii was all it took to spur Lenora’s interest in sewing and designing clothing. With an Art Minor and an Elementary Education Degree, she continued to advance her studies getting a Masters in Elementary Education but still sewing and designing.

Her love of vintage fabric helps her incorporate it into clothing. The combination of fabrics, textures and colors make into a one of a kind outfit for girls whose grandmas and grandpas and many others can see and reminisce the linen pieces of their childhood.

Lenora’s vintage designs are sold in boutiques in Mississippi, North Carolina and Louisiana. She hopes to someday teach the “old” art of sewing to young children who in turn can further a creative path for enjoyment.

Lenora’s designs have been shown in Dallas and Mississippi and we are proud to be able to present her wonderful collection of vintage clothes at this year’s festival.

Spring Arts Festival Artist Spotlight -- Cindy Killgore

Be sure to see this artist and their fine artwork at the festival on April 23-25, 2009.

Cindy Killgore will be showcasing her extraordinary collection of pine needle baskets at this year’s Spring Arts Festival. Cindy is a native of Claiborne Parish and currently resides in New Iberia with her husband John.

She received her degree in Art Education from La. Tech. She taught in public schools before retiring in 2007.

She learned the fine art of pine needle basket making from Andrea Thompson, a Mississippi artist who taught a class at the library.

Cindy’s unique skill and artistry has sparked others to pick up the craft of basketry. “ A basket begins with a tiny coil called a worm. From the wee beginning, an adventure unfolds. It is always a mystery story that builds until it ends,” states Mrs. Killgore. “The most common question is, “how long did it take to make?” The answer is “As long as it took?” “The process is time consuming, but I never watch the clock. I find it soothing to the mind and the spirit, much like meditation. The work brings a great deal of personal satisfaction and inner peace for me.”

Cindy Killgore achieved the level of Master artist in the Louisiana Crafts Guild in 2008 and we are proud to be present her collection at this year’s festival.