Friday, September 19, 2008

"Chair" Found for Upcoming Auction!

Elaine Eaton, a past Cultured Pearl recipient, and her mother will be chairing our upcoming October Auction to benefit the Farm!

We have a special auction scheduled to be held at the Farm on Saturday, Oct. 4th beginning at 10am. We will auction off the contents of LaVerne Butler's storage unit with furniture and personal items she's donated to us. LaVerne is a world-renowned singer who grew up in our area and has performed at our Art on Broadway event. ( We have some items in the old Farm house that would include some old books, memorabilia and such for sale. I know we all have garages and attics full of stuff we'd like to get rid of….here's your chance.

Get your items together and bring the over to the Farm at 416 East Union in Minden, LA anytime between Oct. 1st-3rd. If you need to bring them over on a weekend, just let us know and one of us will meet you there. In the meantime, if you could email Chris Broussard ( and/or Elaine ( and let us know what you plan on donating, we'll have a better idea on how to set up for the day. We don't have an auctioneer yet but we will.

Just wanted you all to use this weekend if possible to go through your possible donated items. If you have any suggestions on how we can do this or help Elaine and her mom, please holler. The funds generated from this auction will help support our "Moon Over Minden" Halloween light project. I appreciate Elaine stepping up to help out. This is wonderful! She's young and energetic and full of great ideas!!!! We love it!!!

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