Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Want to be Authors!!!

A one week hands on writing experience for elementary students.

5th grade students from Richardson Elementary School will be engaged in the art of creative writing by accomplished author and teacher, Dee Scallon. “Miss Dee” as she is most fondly known will take the children through a journey of discovery and creativity. They will create their own characters and together they will author their own book. Local artist, Chris Broussard, will accompany Mrs. Scallon and give instructional art time to the students while they create and illustrate the characters that will be included in their first book.

Once the writing and illustrations are complete, the book will be published. A hard copy will be presented to the school library as a gift from the students and soft back copies of the book will be made available free of charge to every participating 5th grader.

This project is being made possible by Cultural Crossroads of Minden. The project is being financed by the local arts organization and is being made available to Richardson School as a reward for having won “Most Talented School in Webster Parish” at last year’s annual Spring Arts Festival.

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