Monday, September 26, 2011

Pearl Fest 2011 Attended by Many Out of Towners Along With Mindenites

Pearl Fest Was a Real Jewel!

MINDEN, LA-- Pearl Fest lived up to its tag line “All music. All People.” Hundreds showed up in Minden this past weekend for Cultural Crossroads’ second annual music festival raising hundreds of dollars. The local arts organization that owns and manages the four acre festival sight known as ‘the Farm’ delivered on its promise. The range of musicians was as diverse as the crowds. Young and old and everything in between were out of their seats and dancing to songs they knew and songs they had heard for the first time.

More than fifty musicians donated their time this past weekend while showcasing their music and the reason they were there…. to raise funds for the “Cultured Pearl” scholarships.” Young musicians from area schools and seasoned musicians from area cities brought their talent to the back porch of the Farm and the main stage of the pavilion. “The caliber of music provided here this weekend was incredible,” states Randal Wilson of Baton Rouge. “It’s hard to imagine it any better. The atmosphere at the Farm was equally incredible. We had a wonderful time.”

Remembering the late Percy Mayfield and his music was highlighted Saturday evening with a video of one of Percy’s last interviews. The crowd cheered the Minden native who penned lyrics for Ray Charles and BB King. “They clapped and reacted to the film as though Percy were here in person, “states Julie Vogel, co-chair for the event.

Other highlights of the evening included the explosive performances of Angela Wills, Clinton Keener and Dorothy Prime, Louisiana’s Queen of Soul. Dat Band from Shreveport brought the evening to a close but not before coaxing singers from the crowd to chime in including local school board member Johnnye Kennon.

Surveys conducted at the gate revealed a significant increase in the number of out- of- towners to visit the Farm. “Folks came from Breaux Bridge, Baton Rouge, Monroe, Shreveport, Bossier, Houston, Dallas, Magnolia, Arkansas and all areas in between,” boasts Chris Broussard, Chairman of the Board. “Our attendance was definitely larger than last year, thanks to the incredible weather and an impressive lineup of talent,” adds Mrs. Broussard. “We heard over and over again from not only the people in attendance but the musicians as well that the Farm was the perfect outdoor venue for music. “

Pearl Fest was sponsored by Blazer Construction of Sibley and funded in part by an advertising grant from the Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau.


michael henderson said...

As a rep and a performer... I truly enjoyed my time in Minden.. Dat Band.. you rocked..!!! I only wish we could do it again in grand fashion!!! To those who asked us back.. we thank you.. to those who missed us.. well, who knows maybe you'll catch us again.. (DISCLAIMER); if we didn't get the chance to play what you wanted to hear; trust me, it wasn't that we couldn't play.. we just couldn't get to it.. Peace and Blessings to the town of Minden for one of the best musical experiences we've had in a while... Let's do it again sometime..!!! Peace out.. Mr. Michael W. Henderson Band Leader DAT BAND..!!! said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Michael!