Friday, November 21, 2008

Chris Broussard wins Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Angel Award

Cultural Crossroads’ founder and long time advocate for children and the arts was honored in Baton Rouge recently as one of eight statewide recipients of the Angel Award.

Chris has championed children’s involvement in the arts and regional culture for more than two decades, filing a gap in Webster Parish school curricula with art, music and dance instruction.

Chris founded and managed The Children’s Center, Minden’s first afterschool enrichment program twenty two years ago. With her own money and no financial support from any state or federal agency, she grew the business and provided one of the few if not the only privately owned institution that fostered the arts in Minden. She sold her business in 2007 so she could give her time and talent full time to Cultural Crossroads.

Chris serves as Chairman of the Board of Cultural Crossroads, a non profit 50l©3 arts agency she helped to establish. She is the founder and the driving force behind the annual Spring Arts Festival which will celebrate its 15th year in 2009.

A $20,000 grant was awarded Cultural Crossroads in Chris’ honor. These funds will be used to upgrade and enhance the Moess Center for the Arts & City Farm, better known as simply ‘The Farm.’ The Farm is a four acre homestead located on the corner of Talton and East Union that was donated to Cultural Crossroads in 2000 by Chris’ long time friend and fellow co-founder of Cultural Crossroads, Zenobia West.

The Board of Directors of Cultural Crossroads is proud of Chris and all the work she so selfishly gives to the children and the arts in Minden.

To learn more about the Angel Award, visit Blue Cross Blue Shield on the web at

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