Friday, November 21, 2008

New Officers and Board Members Announced for Cultural Crossroads

Cultural Crossroads will hold their annual meeting Tuesday, 6:30pm December 16th at Christopher’s in Minden to announce their newly elected board of directors. Members of Cultural Crossroads, corporate partners and special honored guests are invited.

Taking the position of President this coming year is Julie Vogel, the new owner and director of The Children’s Center. She will lead an executive committee of officers that will include Vice Presidents, Gloria Clark and Amy Bryant. Elaine Eaton, a former recipient of Cultural Crossroads’ coveted “Cultured Pearl Award and Scholarhship” will serve as Secretary. Chris Broussard will serve again as Chairman of the Board.

The Board of Directors for the coming year are: Cora Lou Robinson, Janice Mourad, Pat Palmer, Dennis Palmer, Charlotte Martin, Lori Plunkett, Br. Mike Marsters, Br. Ben Martin, Jackie Lewis, Cynthia Sandidge, Kimberly Ellington, Emili Modisette, Ejay Colvin and Kerry Easley. Board Members at Large are: Nan Jones, Betty Purdy, Janell Thornton, Angelique Feaster and Jean Stevens.

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