Monday, May 2, 2011

12-year-old artist sparked Louisiana spirit at Spring Arts Festival

Savanah Hall, a Webster-born 12 year old artist, showcased her work at this year’s Spring Arts Festival in Minden over the weekend. Hall, who has not received any formal training, began painting “Peli” & “Pelie”, a “brother and sister” pelican team, in 2010 following the Gulf coast oil spill.

The duo is the sole creation of Hall, who refers to them as “ambassadors” for pelicans, sea birds, and other creatures of the sea, which are often affected by pollutants introduced to the Gulf of Mexico. Hall’s artwork depicts Peli & Pelie in the midst of a number of activities, including work and play.

“I was amazed,” said Jenny Reynolds, a Cultural Crossroads board member and festival supporter. “To see yet another of our young people doing such amazing things with her God-given talents is so inspiring. She does her work with a greater purpose; and that’s so great to see.”

Hall, born in Minden to parents Samantha Brown and Shane Patterson, now resides in Sabine Parish with her adoptive mother, Shannon Hall, who helped the young artist develop Savanah & Company, the business-front which sells quality prints and decals of her original paintings and designs. Hall attributes some of her innate art skills to Samantha, who she describes as a natural artist.

Hall sold numerous pieces during 2011’s art festival; and hundreds of festival-goers became new admirers of this incredibly talented artist and young entrepreneur.

“One of the professional artists we featured during the festival just fell in love with Savanah’s work,” explained Cultural Crossroads Founder and Chairman of the Board Chris Broussard. “She purchased some of Savanah’s autographed pieces to present to Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne at an upcoming event!”

For more information about Savanah Hall and her characters, Peli & Pelie, email

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