Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Farmer's Market Starts This Weekend!

Please join us this coming SATURDAY May 14 at "The Farm" (across from Sav A Lot Grocery)..We will be opening to the public at 7:OO A.M. Having a variety of goodies i.e.: Jellies, Candy, Cookies, Eggs, Handmade soaps, some vegetables. We will also have bee and bat boxes, bird feeders and bird houses. This is only a sample of what will be available. We also will have some yard sales.


*Honest Abe said...
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*Honest Abe said...

We don't have a farmer's market in this area but nearby Arcanum where my wife is from, they have an "Old Fashioned Days" and it is something to see.

Don't know if you like my early work from Japan (1953-1956) but thought I'd pimp the site anyway. You can delete the comment if you wish. No hard feelings.